2017 WGA: The Fashion Stream….only the facts

This was one of the most amazing looks on the red carpet at the 2017 WGA at the Beverly Hills Hilton.  This is my ‘take’ on the shot with a bit of turning it into art.

I loved this lady!  She wore the most interesting look with the fox clutch and shoes decked out to bring out a punch of color.  The gown was very much ’50’s inspired.  It has a sort of futuristic look in the front that’s very sporty and cool for the eye.  Amazing!  This clutch is a surprise and part of a growing trend.  Add a little something of interest to your look and take it higher!  The shoes of course help to bring it out.  The use of color in this way along with other trends is very much 2018 Year of Color which is what I’ve dubbed 2018’s trend year.  It’s already showing up and this means that seeing it here is the act of what I call ‘heralding’ the looks to come.  This ability is very much what you look for in fashionistas and fashionistos:  being fashion forward.

I’m going to be honest.  Remember your bridal brides-maids gowns?  I do.  I had a few.  You only ever wore them for the wedding and they were never really any good afterwards.  The style was that limiting.  Something has happened.  I’m seeing the simple silhouettes associated with brides-maids gowns and dresses on the red carpet and they don’t say brides-maids at all.  They say chic.  They say sweet.  They say edgy.  You can’t see it here, but this little number is sporting a non-traditional peplum that spikes the style ante up beyond the heavens.  Look at it below, but look at it above here.  The length is superb and perfect.  I thought this gown was too lovely to be missed.  The bodice is re-invented.  Very shapely and very delicate at the same time.  I loved it.  I followed her to the red carpet and had a hard time getting in to get a clear shot.  Everyone was on it.  The clutch is too perfect to comment further on.

Ugh my shot could’ve been clearer, but at least I got one.  Everyone was all over the place taking shots of her.

Blue shoes are in.  Blue suede of course are still coming in and still a rarity.  What’s important now is not so much the color as it is the style.  You want to make sure your blue shoes are memorable for more than just the color.  Take a look at these ones.  Too much nice.

OK.  I know this is odd, but I noticed an intriguing trend of shoes maybe 1/2 size too big in the back and something was interesting.  It said ‘fashion choice’.  I’m thinking it’s a ‘herald’ for a trend flashback reference to the 40’s and in particular maybe Eleanor Roosevelt.   This is like a ‘governess’ shoe style and very much something to look for.  It’s 2017 Year of the Man.  Keep your eyes on it.  It’ll be what it can do for your outfit when you bring it in.  It’s a slight trenddie for the fashionista nerds amongst us.  It takes you ‘classic’ fast.

This look is very 40’s.  I love it’s surprise show at the WGA.

Love this green!  It’s too nice and the color is WAY in.

Silver is in.  WAY in!  But this fushia number is also in.  The color is amazing.

Street style inside.  Love it!  This guy caught my eye with his look.  Loving what the guys are doing now.

Look at this kid!  He wore the most classic chic look there.  He was totally the hippest kid around.   He wore the skinny look like a pro.  I couldn’t afford anything so chic when I was his age.  Man beware young ladies!

Look here!  Very classic and chic.  I love her look.  The short hem is very much in.

Her look was too hot!  I loved her entire style.  It was amazing.

I love the ‘little something’ dresses being worn now.  They’re very feminine and very lovely for the form.

Look at the suits and gowns in this pic.  The ‘kitten suit’ was eye-catching and a ‘show stealer’.   I’d never seen anything like it.  It reminded me of something I might see from one of Melrose’s trendy shops.  It too hot.  It’s too hot.

This is a lovely image of fashion hotties!  I loved all of them.  They were too beautiful, but I really loved that handbag.  It was too interesting and something very unusual.  I’d never seen the design before.  Look at how stunning they are….wowza!

Some fashion from the show and inside the room where the show took place.  I was in the Press/Media room watching with the other photographers and reporters.

I’m going to tell you that this jacquard skirt is the rage with the use of jacquards coming in with embroiders, etc.  I saw a lot of it that evening and called it my ‘quilted’ look.  These fabrics and looks in skirts and coats, etc. are fashion forward as jacquards are difficult to bring out.  They can be over the top if not handle properly by the designer.  This shows that jacquards can be great for more ‘daily’ wear rather than some blue-moon event.  You’ll be seeing them on the streets and they may become the next ‘fur’ meaning a piece of clothing used to show luxury and chic and affluence.  The gent in the pic of course is also very dashing.  The suit is superlative, but what really sets it off are the shoes.  Brown and I do mean like a light brown shoe is very rare to see nowadays.  I hope to see more as it’s very stylish.

The jumper or pant-suit one-piece is in!  I love the wide-legs on it.  I’ve been covering it’s emergence for the past few months.  I have one me-self!  It’s too hot.  I got mine in Australia.  It’s amazing for the form.  It gives you a freedom of movement that’s too nice to miss.  Go buy one ladies!

Watch this one in action!  I love it.  It’s best when seen in singular.  It’s very ready-to-wear couture!

The red dress is in.  I loved her gown and I wanted to catch it.  I covered a red gown in my prior post and I had another I caught via my lens and so I wanted to put it in here.  You can see the back below.  Very simple, but not to be underestimated.  Look at that drape!  It’s very flamenco.

I used a different pic of this number here, but I’m adding this pic to capture the yellow.  Yellow is still in, but what’s new is this interesting ruching.

Love the gown here.  It’s too amazing.  Love this shot too.  The camera loves her.

I want to end this post with the inclusion of this image.  I’ve covered the WGA nominee/winner in the last post.  You can see her with her award and her acceptance there, but here I wanted to get the suit that the gent is wearing.  It very nice, but I thought his entire look was amazing.  I’m going to be honest here, there were too many Sprites & Faery around them.  I might do a post only focusing on images I know have Faery and Sprite in them.  It makes for the most amazingly blurred and fascinating image.  I might also include commentary on the development of photography and film over the years.  There’s some interesting times during photography’s history that involves photography, photographic film developing and the occult.  Too intriguing.

Special thanks to all from the WGA!

Until next time.  Travel Spritely!







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