Fashion Style Week Los Angeles: A Daring Look at Separates for After 5

Still talking Fashion Week here.  There was a lot to look at…..I have a few looks that were very daring and I wondered I’d take a look at a few of the looks up close.  I’m going to be honest.  My first fashion show I covered as a photographer was Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney Australia.  I had a steep hill to climb as a new photographer.  I was black and a girl.  The people there were very much not friendly I found in the general public.  I experienced a lot of passive racism.  I didn’t like it.  I did hit it off with the photographers in the pit though, but I worked alone a lot.  I did make connections and I did find kindness with the models.  Here’s look back at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney Australia circa 2015.

Look at these styles.  I loved my photography.  I had great vantage points and the light was fantastic.  The models were awesome.

I love these side views and the blur.

I loved this guy.  He’s great.  He became inspiration for some of my artwork.  See below.  He’s an incarnated Sprite.  I’ve used him for inspiration for Pan.

This is titled ‘Sprite’.

Here’s a flashback to the street fashion I covered.  They were too chic and very edgy.  I loved the risks they took in style.  I’ve even purchased a few pieces for my closet to broaden my own selections for looks.

Numbered designs are in now here.  This is a shot from Australia and the locals including the photographers.  Back then I noticed these large numbers and thought these would be coming in on trend.  I was right.  It’s 2017 now and see what trends we’re showing in Los Angeles.  I’m going to say this is a win for the streets and street style going runway.  See it on the Arts Fashion Runway this season.

Look at this daring style.  It’s very retro.  I had only seen it once before in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney in 2015.  But then I saw it again here in the States at Style Fashion Week.  It’s very cool, but I think it might be inspired by the 70’s.  It looks very much like something Donna Summer might do to add ‘pop’ to her look.

Now onto one of the most intriguing looks of Style Fashion Week.  Remember those of you the sheer blouse look of the 90’s where you wore the cute patterned bra underneath?  It was very popular. 

I loved the look.  Here’s Hilary Rhoda’s version of it taken from the link above.  I had my own and I LOVED the look.  I used a Victoria’s Secret floral bra underneath my look.  I still have that bra circa ’92.  The bras back then from Victoria’s Secret were TOO amazing!  You don’t get rid of that shit.  You keep it.  I wish they’d go back to those styles.  They looked very Parisian to me back then.  I’d never seen anything like them at the time having only bought my stuff from KMart….and you know what I’m talking about there.  Your whites.  Your blacks.  Your nudes.  Ugh!

That trend is perhaps coming back, but for the whole torso?  Take a look and see what I see.  If you look at it at first glance you might say ‘no, I can’t wear that….it’s too revealing’ but think about it.  She has the top covered with a lovely cape and then a black underpant below the sheer mini dress.  It might even be a one piece bathing suit or play suit.  Is that too daring now when you think of it?  I don’t think so.  I think it just might be a return to the 90’s or even 80’s in a cool way.  Give it a shot for after 5.

I’d style this look similarly but with an potential add….a sheer half-slip in black below… a layered look.  Even a long sheer half skirt beneath with a hem just longer than the red overdress would be perhaps too cute.  You could add a golden chain slim (snake) belt (or herringbone vintage belt) at the waist.  The question of what is ‘slutty’ is something that is up to women to define.  This is not one of those looks.  Let’s take a look at it walk the runway:

Up close it’s very cute.  I love it.  I’d do different footwear though.  Strappy heels.

Hip is still in when it comes to doing sheer looks or cut-out looks in designs Designers, Models, and Fashionistas.  Consider this one to try.  Love it.  And when you watch it with Peter Gabriel playing it just sings.  Don’t miss the video above.  It’s classic and I think this might become classic too.

I’m going to end with some art.  This image is taken from the runway and features one of the models from Shusida Parides whose look was too inspirational for color.  It’s called ‘The Gabriel’.  Let me know what you think…..

Making art out of my runway photograph is one of my most favorite activities.  They are usually named because of the energies that pop out.  They are very powerful pieces.  See some of my other work.  This one is titled ‘Starseed’.  This is Sibley Scoles who hosted the event.  Her energy is like an incarnated star….almost too bright to see.  This is what came out of her shot on the red carpet after I developed it.  I saw too much starlight pop out and I ended up with this.  Hope she likes.

Here she is in color.

This one is ‘Faery Queen’.  This is an unusual shot for me as I usually develop the image more.  The shot came in easy and all I got was a glimpse of Faery.

This one is ‘The Living Doll’.

This one is ‘Pixie Legs’.  She’s one of ‘The New Warhols’.  Below is one of the originals.  I loved her look.  It’s very Fibonacci.

This is one from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Sydney Australia.  She was called ‘The Magdalene’ initially and then I left her ‘Untitled’.  She is one of the Magdalene series.  I hope you like it.  These images are for sale and signed and come in sizes 20″x30″ for example.  They are large pieces.  Thanks for the read!  Until next time….Travel Spritely…..


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