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It’s Fashion Week in Los Angeles everywhere.  I love it!  There are various fashion week activities in Los Angeles throughout and during the month of March.  It’s very much like a Fashion Month and I’d probably call it Fashion Weeks.  I think it’s better because it’s clear as to what’s going on in Los Angeles and where many people are spending their time and energies.  You have the awards ceremonies as well mixed in….it’s really a huge gala event when you combine it.  I wouldn’t, but I’d certainly do it for the Fashion Weeks.  The FWLA and Style Fashion Week and the Art Hearts Fashion, etc.  I think there should be a huge calendar and there is one online, but it never seems to be be complete.  It’s maybe missing some of the events.

I was invited to show in FWLA and again at Vancouver Fashion Week, but this season I took off due to family and I was sick quite a bit over the last few months.  I’m getting back into it and looking forward to the Fall when I’ll be likely showcasing my S/Su ’18 collections.  In case you missed me I was FashioNXT in Portland Oregon for S/Su ’17.  You can catch some it here (video below), but here’s a still of one of my designs.  It’s deconstructed heaven.  Recycled/Upcycled Couture.  I love working with lose threads.  It’s all the rage.  I hope to see it in stores soon, but for now I do consignments or commissioned designs.

Now on to Style Fashion Week.  I loved what I saw.  Very feminine.  Very lovely.  My aesthetic.  Very much similar in what I try to bring forward.  An emphasis on the Feminine and Beauty.  I didn’t see all of the runway shows.  I had to leave a couple of times early, but I did see most.  I loved it.  I had a great vantage point.

Shot of the runway pre-show.  It’s immaculate.

First up was Com Mat Teo.  I wasn’t familiar with their brand, but I’d seen something of theirs on the red carpet unknowingly and thought that look was hot.  It turned out to be their brand and one of the 2 of the performers was wearing their looks.  Who knew?  I love learning about new brands.

First up was this number.  Pop-star/Artist Nella performed while the models worked it out on the runway.  I loved this number.  This model blew my mind away with her walk and the way she wore the look.  I would totally buy this.  Ombre is still in, but so is the ‘kimono’ look/reference.  Look at the belt or ‘obi’.  I love it.  It’s too hot for for anyone.

Look at this back.  It’s amazing.

This ombre coat is the look that I really loved.

Next up was this sporty number.  Too soon?  No just in time.

Get one.

In case you missed it:

Look at the drape and the slits.  Amazing.

There will be another piece on this designer.  I loved some of the looks in that they were very edgy and pushed the boundaries of what women could wear in the day or night outside.  I want to talk about it separately.  So look for that.  Below is a sample.  More to come later.  OMG…..I think I’ve found the designer for the hostess of the evening.  It’s amazing.  I love it.  The loo

I’m going to talk about this piece again in another write up.  It’s that amazing.

Loved Com Mat Teo.  I will look for their stuff.  Check them out.  Highly recommended.

Until next time.  Travel Spritely!

*Models if you see a shot of you please contact me and send a pic of yourself (so I know who you are and what you wore) and I’ll send you a few shots if I have them.  Only 1-3 shots will be given.









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