Style Fashion Week Los Angeles #StyleFW: Vermillion & The Three Graces

Style Fashion Week Los Angeles……

Color is fierce.  Finally.  I loved it.  I’ve found a new love.  And it’s Vermillion.  You can find tons of details on the color from a beautiful red color wheel featuring water colors.  It can be either Cadmium.  Vermillion.  But at least it’s not the Tomato Red.  It’s still in, but I’m starving for color and the color Red.  More shades and hues please.  Out simultaneously and don’t rely on fabric texture to get you there colorists.  Now I know Pantone’s color is green for this year which is great as I was really looking at the color myself especially when I was talking about the LGD.  See prior post.

I’m totally into the color as I have been planning to do LGD for the runway one season.  BUT I’m also totally into red.  Here’s my color for 2018:  Vermillion or Cadmium Red

Here are my inspiration shots:  (My photography)

These inspiration shots are all mainly from New Orleans 2014.

This is the color that I encountered at the Style Fashion Week Los Angeles.  I loved it.  I thought it might’ve been Alazarin Red, but no.  It’s actually closer to Vermillion or may even be a Cadmium Red.   This is the color as I saw it in Cam Mat Teo’s collection.  Look at the sheen.  The hue is very pure.  Very joyous.  It lux.

Here it is from Shahida Parides Runway Collection and where I found the Three Graces.  Here they are:

Grace #1

Grace #2

Grace #3

I saw these women in this runway show and saw the color and them as Heralds for this new hue of Red that will hit the floor this upcoming season.  It’s very Spring/Summer/Fall and even Winter.  It’s a year around color.

Look for this color!  It’s the latest that’s got my interest.  I’ll be looking for it in the stores so I can find a piec







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