The Independent Film Spirit Awards 2017: Fashion

Here I am doing the 2017 awards circuit as a freelance photographer doing my due diligence and taking a look at what the trends portend for those who are interested in knowing and even for those who just happen by…it’s been a rough road and also difficult to get into the venues: mainly because I didn’t know applications were due in many instances MONTHS in advance.  My thoughts were ‘dang’ and then ‘so what….I’ll still try.  I might be able to get in anyway showing up and asking the registration desk if there’s still space.’  Some events where I’ve been to before such as Melbourne’s VFF in Australia and also Los Angeles Fashion Week allow for impromptus show ups on the day.  I think this is a good practice.  You never know who has backed out on the press credentials and won’t show up and who is coming that might not’ve been expected that might take their images of the production to the next level bringing more fame and interest to the activities that the producers, writers, directors, and participants are engaged in and staging.

I’m the one with the eye.

Look what I found….something too amazing to be missed.  A stunning outfit.  It’s from Germany designed by a designer there.  It was too beautiful.  That’s all I need to say ‘press’.

Yes I was a bit of the one waiting at the door to get the ok to be in….I might have been a bit of a paparazzi but not intentionally so.  I really wanted to capture the fashion.  It was worth pushing it to see if I could get it.  The events can be really mean and heartless when it comes to security.  The celebrities are not ‘all that’.  I’m here to do my art.  Not everyone is trying to cause a raucous.

Here’s a bit of style I captured on the way in…..

Me seeing style going in.  I’m hopeful I’ll get a pass to continue in.  The awards were already on and I was running a bit late, but not so late that I couldn’t get in to the Photographer’s Pit.

It’s sometimes how it is when you’re starting out you have to make your own doors.  Now I’m not saying this because of the Indie Awards event here….I’m saying it because of my experience at the Grammy’s 2017 where I showed hoping to be allowed in as a sort of ‘will-call’ photographer wanting to get in on the day.  I had my card and I had my experience, but more importantly I had my eye.  I wanted to see the Grammys red carpet.  You should check out that post here.

That day at the Grammys became a campaign for freedom of speech and the freedom of right action.  I had the right to at least try.  I got everywhere and even the red carpet, but not in the way I wanted to.  I wanted to get press credentials for the day and I ended up not being able to get them and I couldn’t get a supervisor on hand that could grant me full access.  I didn’t want to have a repeat and so I was determined to speak to a supervisor and ask.  Can I show up and still get in?  Here’s my card.

The answer unfortunately for the Independent Film Awards was no.  Their loss.

I still left with fashion anyway.  Now I’m going to throw in the ‘race card’ because it was painfully obvious (not the ‘no you can’t come in, but the way they were giving you the shove off as you were leaving; you have the right to still take photographs as you leave.  Why not?  Something fashionable caught my eye.

So now what?  Is it that important to report on fashion?  At this point yes and no.  I was now there for the experience and to say I’d done that….been kicked to the curb and still working it anyway.

So here’s my set up:

It was primo.

Not too much traffic.

…but enough to make it worthwhile.  Look at this gent.  Suit to the max.  Style.  Impeccable.  Chic.  I’ll hang in there.  See what else turns up.

This lady popped up with too much color and verve.  I loved her style.  This is maybe when I realized I was by the toilets and I didn’t want it to go sleeze so I prayed and clicked only when I got a ping from the Creator and Faery.  I always pray that my photography is guided by the Divine.  I’m one of the people that is people conscious not wanting to be tacky with my clicks.  The lady with the cool dress is definitely on trend.  These art deco or abstract art designs on garments are all the rage.  It’s very eye-catching.  It sets the tones for fashion and style when you see these types of garments walking by.  I also love the ‘golden’ dress to the left.  It’s also hot.

Loved her look here.  The shoes are slammin’.

I moved location.  I was praying for help and better pop ups of fashion and ‘lo I came across this woman who was working as security.  She invited me to come further down along her way after she realized I was looking for design & fashion.  She’d seen quite a bit in her area.  It seemed ok to do so and take her up on her offer.  She was really nice.

Look at what I saw.  These two in cream and nude/beige.  Very dreamy and romantic.  It reminds me of Out of Africa that starred Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.  They are really in now for following.  Their arts and creations are totally inspiring and moving people.  Their style is in and you’ll see it where-ever you go if you’re looking.  Men’s style is going to this point in history that’s very much A River Runs Through It and The Great Gasby.

The only other outfit I was stalking was this one.  I never got a really clear shot of it, but it was very stunning to see.  I saw it up close as she walked through.  It was very an amazing design in graphic art done in blues.  It’s a shame I couldn’t get it up close and clear.

That’s all for now.  Until next time.  Travel Spritely!


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