The New Warhol

The Star.

I’ve been working a lot with my photography over the years which is not long….only 2 or so….I’ve noticed that sometimes my photography development takes the image to a place that reminds me of Andy Warhol.  He’s in and really big right now.  He’s a ‘Divine Inspirator’.  When I do my photography I find certain things that people don’t see.  I work the environment.  I love no flash.  I’m a bit classic.  I find that I’m coming up with some sort of ‘style’ for a particular photograph development.  I’m calling the final product ‘the new Warhol’.  It reminds of Warhol, but it’s totally different and new.  Here’s a small bit on Andy Warhol featured by Converse.

You can find him everywhere in art, but also now on shoes and other forms of clothing.  I’m into it.  I’m getting a pair of Converse that features his work.  It’s totally 2017 Year of the Man and 2018 Year of Color (these are my own trend analysis studies on fashion).

Here’s more of my work that I consider to be ‘The New Warhol’.  This to me is about color saturation and replication of color.  It’s also dealing with tone and granularity of the subjects in the image.  These are images that can be replicated in a traditional four square way that is associated with Andy Warhol or left as is.


The Pit.

The Lady in Red.


The Photographers.







Hair Vert.




The Muse.






Into the Blue.


In the Footsteps of the Goddess.


The Sprites.








The Scent.


H.O.P.E @ RawArtists L.A


The Bohemian.


Santa Fe.










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