The Oscars…..2017.

Well.  I was 1 1/2 out of 3 for this Awards Season….The Grammys, The Independent Film Spirit Awards, The Writers’ Guild Awards and now I was up for #4….The Oscars.  Could I get in?  Registration was in November 2016.  Dang.  Maybe there would be a walk-up table where I could check and see if I could get in?  After all I’d had some luck with The Independent Film Spirit Awards….even though I was told ‘no’.

‘To the pavements….!’

I had to walk 1-2 miles just to get close.

I’d have to huff it some more to get anywhere near the registration tables if they really were there….

I walked another 1 mile or so around Orange and I just couldn’t get in.  I thought it wasn’t right.  I should’ve been able to get to a supervisor to see if I could get in with my card.  I wasn’t unsavory lookin’.  I looked professional photographer, but the security was mean and they didn’t really get me at first and then they really didn’t get me at second.  I gave up.  After all I have my pride and dignity.

I was in 4″ heels walking around trying to find the registration table.  This is another one that had registration back in November 2016, BUT I’m going to say that EVEN STILL there is likely someone that passed out and couldn’t make it leaving a space for me or perhaps there would’ve been space for me if I’d made it to the table or a supervisor.

I didn’t get any shots of fashion.  It was sort of too crowded and a bit dodgy.  The people were ok, but there was a lot of posturing from certain hot spots.  Others had folks that were truly helpful for which I am eternally grateful and that included some of the passerby.  This was over by Orange a few blocks up from Hollywood.

I decided to call it a wrap.

I need the industry to change.  This just doesn’t make sense.  I want to be able to get in or at least have the opportunity EVEN THOUGH the registration dates has passed.  Too bad there wasn’t a waiting list.  I’d loved to see something like that.

I could’ve been there Klimmel.  You’d have been glad for that.

Oh well.  Maybe next year?

Until next time.  Travel Spritely!




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