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I’m on the tour….trying anyway for this season to attend the various awards and get in as Press.  It’s been a rough and interesting time…..I’ve ‘done’ many and it’s been rewarding, but also sad.  The Writers’ Guild Awards was very interesting.  I wanted to get in and see what happens as a photographer and as a fashion designer when working as Press.  It was 19 Feb 2017 and held at the Beverly Hilton.  It was a cool show.  I thought the awards presented were very intriguing as each awards show is different and has a different slant.  From a fashion & press perspective, I was the only one there covering fashion.  I thought that was cool as I’m also a writer which is why I wanted to go.

The host for the evening?  Mr. Patton Oswalt.  A new voice for me as this was my first time attending, but totally in control of the event.  It came across very lively and very hard-hitting.  I found some of the humor questioning to my mind….some seemed to be in response to Anti-Semitism.  Why is there an issue with being Jewish?  Don’t get me wrong, there was no implication that the audience felt like there’s something wrong with being Jewish, but some jokes that were stereotypical also implying that there has been cultural attacks on the community.  Why?  Aren’t we beyond that….cutting each other or ourselves down due to culture and heritage?  I’ve seen and heard in the media over the years complaints of Anti-Simitism and there was justification, but that was the 80’s and the 90’s….what the fuck is going on now?  It’s 2017 and we’re still living this crap?  I hope not.  I was like ‘no more’ to that shit.  There’s nothing more upsetting than thinking we’ve won the wars and battles on hate only to find there’s some asshole out there still with prejudice that’s been passed down through the ages like some ugly heirloom.  I want to know who hates still?  It’s so 10,000 seasons ago.  I know it’s perhaps a dream too far to think that we can overcome these traumas of the ancestors to come to address our own wounds, but think about it….how much of our prejudices are inherited from our forebears?  How much is what we say our grandmother or grand-uncle and not necessarily something that is lived from the present?  It’s hard enough to deal with modern day woundings when we’re still carrying the baggage of the past.  I think that was my only complaint and I wanted to get it out now.  It made me want to look more closely at what we’re really dealing with out here.

This is how I feel about racim.

The Fashion Highlights:

There are no slouches when it comes to fashion here.   I saw some of the most classic and most innovative fashion statements here at the awards.  Back were in and being revealed in beautiful ways.  Legs were in and tons of men and women wore form-fitting garb.  Slim cut pant legs for men in tuxes and suits and also slits that were well placed for women in gowns.  I thought it was stunning.  I saw this little red number here and said ‘whoa!’, this is a gown, but more importantly this is a back.  Look at the drape of the gown and the garment around the neck.  Necks are in and you’ll see in cowling and garments like this gown.  Movies such as Jackie with Natalie Portman starring reveal that it’s time for the return of the 50’s and 60’s with the looks from those eras.  It is Year of the Man for me which is the Fashion Trend Year that I’ve coined for 2017.  That means these years and these looks are in, please see earlier posts for more details on 2017 Year of the Man.  This is a welcome break and well needed inspiration from the past to inject creativity and nostalgia into current trends.

Photographers were no slouches either.  See pic above.  Stunning and classically understated, but not to be missed are the photographers.  There is fashion there.

Men are doing it.  Fashion is on the high and upwards motion.  I’ve seen fashion trends that are not to be missed featuring trends that I didn’t expect to hit the masses.  These things that they are doing with jackets are too special and too cool.  I’d get one myself and I’m into wearing men’s garb when the style and cut suits.  All women should have that little something from the men’s department that sets off their closet and their style.  It’s how you step it up.  You go uni-sex or strait up chic masculine.  Carry it forward and say I can wear better.  Why not?  I have a hot jacket from Bloomingdale’s for $26.00!!! Yes, I said that shit.  I’ve had it for 10 years and that thing has not failed me.  I love it.  I’m coming your way Men’s Departments and I’m looking for me.  Bring me your chic and your slim fits.  I have cash and a good credit card.  Show me your deals and get your crap on the feminine form and see your receipts climb to new heights when you see women with the cool edge shopping to bring their closets up to code.

Check out that back!  Men are doing the back as well and it’s revealing in a different way….not so much the skin as the mind within.  Statements are in and a continuance from 2016 when Year of the Man started making it’s appearance early.  Mainly in unisex fashion, but the men took it further and now you have these amazing jackets.  There are suits I saw at L.A.’s Style Fashion Week that is too street.  I don’t have images here, but be on the lookout for your hand-painted suits from men with the pants graffiti’d to the max….this type of painted artform on clothing was really in during the 90’s and now it’s at a new level and you have airbrush and paint-splattered garments.  Add this with the slashed jeans and holes in cools places and you have new looks here.  It’s Melrose-chic and urban.  It’s the new tailoring.  How about that?  Take some jeans and jacket to your favorite local street artist and say ‘paint me a suit’…..I love your shit and I want to wear it.  Streets artists think about it.  You’re likely doing it already maybe?  Consider it like tattoos.

Too hip for school?  No.  Just perfect.  I found this look very intriguing and inticeing.  The perfect edge for the event.  I thought it was amazing.  The sheer look in tops was popular in the 90’s but they were blouses and not so form fitting.  I love these ones.  They are more edgy and more dancer.  They allow air to circulate which everyone knows was a problem with the blouses of the 90’s as they were rayon and not this mesh that’s popular now.

Let’s take a break and go to the host Mr. Oswalt.  Slammin’ suit and smashing tie.  This was on the menu for most of the men.  When you watched them walk through the room and the hallways it was on parade and in dashing suits.  Blue was a popular color, but there were also deviations.

The crushed velvet jacket is in for men along with these new layered mesh tiered skirts/gowns for women.  I loved these looks.  I’ve seen the crushed velvelt jacket on Ryan Reynolds a few months ago so this trend is not necessarily brand new, but it’s very new for this year.  This mesh skirt though in tiers is very new and very interesting.

Nominees were very much in style and I saw a few being interviewed and that was cool.  It was a new way of seeing the red carpet.  Their red carpet very much ran and felt like a journalist environment.  Questions were very cutting and delving.  The respondents seemed very much engaged.  More than just fashion being discussed on the red carpet.  I  found that interesting.  This interview looked great and that’s important for television.  The tux impeccable and the red of that dwas stunning.  I rarely look a pairs or interviewer and interviewee for style commentary, but it was difficult to get away from.  The room was packed.  Looking good for tv is important and I found this to be another interesting angle of trends and fashion to consider.

Tuxes are in and very sleek looks are in for men.  Bow-ties and no-ties are in.  I love the fabric used.  Sateens are totally lux and have a great luster when captured by the photographer and video.  It’s a matter of preference when you get into this arena.

Ladies were showing off their style with garb showcasing (a bit similar to some of the men’s jackets) embroidery and a ‘quilted’ look that was accomplished through the use of garbadines and other fabrics.  This is one of the looks I saw that I thought was gorgeous.  Look at the detail on the coat.

I loved her look!!!  It was too darling.  This type of hem and style of dress and skirt is in.  I love the color as well.

Look at the cowling on this dress.  It’s phenomenal.  I love it and the choice of earrings are great too.  These are in.  The chandeliers.  They are very vintage.  Mixing in a little touch of vintage is very much in now.


Prints and high color in fabrics are in now.  They’re almost a mixed bag.  You can get anything and not go wrong here.  The length in the dress is very tea-length with many skirts in the popular circle skirts and also the traditional A-line skirt.  These ladies are comedians so don’t get into ‘reading’ their looks they were doing their stand-up and presentation introductions.  Very funny.


They did a parody of the President.  It was rough to go through.  I’m not very political and I’m very much not into satirical slants, but it was funny and I must admit I’m a bit out of it when it comes to the latest on satire and the Presidency, BUT I had to mention it.  Where have I been?  It was very much in the style of SNL as I remember seeing one skit that was too funny the night prior to when President Obama was elected 8 years ago.  I’m so not into comedy and keeping up.  I can’t believe it, but that SNL episode is vintage and classic.  It was too funny and this guy was too.  It was rough crowd.  It was writers.

Alright this is my first piece on the WGA evening.  I will do another one simply focusing on the fashion where you’ll get a running list of images showcasing the looks of the people that attended, the people who worked the show, and maybe also a relook at some of these images as their style was too hot.

Until next time.  Travel Spritely!









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