The State of Hip Hop – A Moment for Consideration

I went to the premiere of People You May Know (2017) (Directed by Sherwin Shelati) at The Grove a week ago (I had several computer issues in between the night of the premiere and now which is why I’m a bit late to post, but the images et al are all timely). I showed up not knowing the premiere was going on and I was able to get in last minute (ALWAYS a plus for a photographer; you never turn down an opportunity to shoot an event if you can help it especially when it’s so divinely timed).  More to come on the movie in a separate post.

I worked the Red Carpet. It was a great night. I have great shots and I will be posting them over a series of posts…..however I thought I’d start the post with Jermaine Dupri who I happened to have met briefly. He had the most intriguing accessory on: a red baseball cap that read ‘Make Hip Hop Great Again’. He was on the red carpet and also hanging out a bit at the end of the movie. I wanted to find out just what he thought was the problem with Hip Hop. Too much cross-over from other music genres? Too little clearly defined Hip Hop; with everything falling into Rap or Pop Hip-Hop or even Pop Country (can be a bit hip hop with the beats and depending on the Director even in the video when the dancing takes place). The side of his cap read ‘Invisible Bully’. When I approached him to ask what he thought the problem was…he commented that Hip Hop just wasn’t what it used to be….


Hmmm….interesting. I decided to take a look at things myself. Going out and seeing the state of affairs with hip hop whenever I encountered it. Who was the ‘Invisible Bully’? Another music genre? Who knows….the media?

In case you’re interested here’s a link to where you can find a cap of your own and join the movement. It’s maybe underground, but no less important as Hip Hop is the originator of many inventions and innovations in the realm of Music and Dance, Literature, Drama, and Spiritual Movement and Practice. Hip Hop has broken down many barriers and brought many together and influenced many ideas of thought that sparked a Nation and infuriated a generation. Here’s to you: Hip Hop; may you live and breathe forever!  Until next time….travel Spritely!


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