Johnny Was

I was out the other day looking at a pop up for Calvin Klein and I happened to go by Johnny Was.  It was too amazing in there.  I loved what they had going on for the season.  There was tons of embroidered items, a styling embellishment they are known for. 

Loved this embroidered top/tunic.  It was too amazing.  The prices always boggle a bit here, but when you look at the work done…I think you’re getting quality for the price.  Johnny Was is a place for key pieces for your closet.  A few pieces from them can go a long way.  Take a look at the handbags below and above.  Very classic for many items and also very bohemian for many others, also classic.

I saw the most interesting of coats.  I took many images and then tried it on.  It was even more amazing to look at once I had it on.  I love this coat and will one day purchase I hope soon.  It’s that great.  Take a look at Johnny Was’ coats they are too beautiful and shouldn’t be missed.

If you get a chance to go shopping to Johnny Was please take a gander.  It’s well worth it.  I highly recommend any of their items.  Until next time….travel Spritely!

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