People You May Know (2017) Movie Premiere: The Red Carpet

Opening Night Premiere of ‘People You May Know’ (not to be confused with the 2016 film with the same title/name) at The Grove in Los Angeles. Red Carpet event. Interviews and photography. Fashion trends and commentary. Photography by And She Saw Stars Photographer: LaDonna Davis

Cool Shot of the Cast on the Red Carpet.

It was a great night.  All the stars were out.

The photographer’s pit.

Another great pic of the cast.

Not the best of pics, but it shows on and off the carpet the cast was mingling.  Thune here with Dupre after the film.


(This review is taken from my short write up on my Carbonmade site (  It was great night and the film was outstanding. I think it will do excellent in any film festivals and also at the box office. It’s a great modern piece of work that incorporates the modern day to day living with social media which is a part of world culture. It shows that it’s not a fad, social media, but the awkwardness of using social media as an interface shows through the characters and their attempts to build lives and live lives through its integration in society. It’s very clear in the lead’s, Nike Thune, and how he moves through the situations. He’s questions everywhere. Even in the scenes where he is not, the questions of him permeate the scenes. Everyone is linked. But that is of course the purpose of social media. Social media links you. It doesn’t tell you how to live. It’s the sharing between the links that gets people moving. ‘What are we doing and what are we really hoping to come out of online anything?’ These are the vibes and questions that move through the film; carrying almost virally from Thune’s questioning mind to the intuitive cast that makes up the film as he moves through. The script is amazing and you’re easily carried away with the premise as we can all mainly relate. The take away for me: In the end you still need face-to-face engagement to make it; to make life. Thank goodness for that. Movie is highly recommended. Cast is stellar. The writing phenomenal. You’ll enjoy it.  For more images check out my site.  You’ll find tons there and if you’re interested please email me at for images.  The shots are available for purchase.

The photographer.  The writer.  LaDonna J. Davis (looking for work)


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