Pop Up Shop Time! Revolve in Melrose

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a couple of pop-up shops.  They were both great.   Now is the season for them of course with Christmas just around the corner.  Going to a pop-up shop can be very much fun and too much opportunity to find the greatest of buys and the next great thing.  I came across too many things that were too interesting for the future that I might buy….and too many that I might write about and recommend.  Let’s get into it:

They did facials and other cosmetic applications and you could move through the store to each station to try new products.  I didn’t get to try them but everything was very cool.  It was a way to try new brands I found.  There were quite a few I hadn’t heard of before.

1) Becca

A company that originated in Australia.  Hip packaging.  Sleek designs.  It had my interest.  To be honest I’m not one for wearing a lot of make-up.  I do a lot with a little and I love being able to get multi uses out of something….like a blush as well as an eye shadow.  This has that.  The brand is something worth looking out for.  I’m recommending that Dysfunction Magazine does a piece on it.  I think they’ll love it.  Their readers are really into the beach and are into bohemian styles.

Now going shopping here is a great thing and a good way to spend your time.  I highly recommend it.  If you do you’ll also see:

2) Nu-Face

Nu-Face is a product that’s been out for a bit of time, but it’s getting a show at the popup shop.  If you get a chance to go by you’ll see a great demonstration.  The item has a great effect on the skin and it has a great potential for further application.  See my write up at ladonnadavis.carbonmade.com on my Log and you’ll see what I noticed while there.

I tried the NuFace skin toning device and it was nice to feel.  It had an interesting effect.  It came with a bit of a charge that sparked every so often, but the effect was clear on my face.  It was very soothing yes, but very thorough in its ability to tone.  I was very surprised for it to have such a noticeable effect, but I did it only on one side of my face and so I could tell how well it worked.

3) Other items that caught my eye:

Amika!  I loved what I saw from them.  I wanted to try everything they had.  I’m hoping to get samples of their products.

You can even find travel size items there.  I think this is great.  Great for stockings stuffers and crackers for popping.  Get in there and buy and at least try.  It’s too much fun for the girl and great ideas for the guy as well.  Everyone has skin and can use toning.  If you go, they still might have food and snacks.  Prices for products are reasonable.


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