Mammoth Film Festival Romina Schwedler Interview (The Visit)

Immediately upon entering the theater where Mammoth Film Festival was showing Bikini Blue I came into contact with FilmMaker Romina Schwedler exiting the viewing of her short film The Visit.  It was great timing.  Too Divine, but unfortunate.  I’d missed the film.  Ugh!  However I wasn’t going to miss the chance to chat with the FilmMaker Romina Schwedler…an interview doesn’t come easy sometimes, but it’d likely be easy to catch her film afterwards to see what she showcased.  I admit I wasn’t familiar with her work, I’d only just learned of the film festival some hours earlier….like by a day, but I love film and I’m a writer/blogger and I never pass up the chance if I can help it to cover an event.  There’s red carpet opportunities, the chance to see a new film, and even chances such as these to hold an interview directly and video interviews is a new area where And She Saw Stars has entered over the past 1 year.  Previously all interviews were held a bit differently and to be honest for forays into the area of videography.

Here’s a clip of the trailer for The Visit.  Take a look.

Looking up Rowina Schwedler I came across a page featuring interviews of her that took a look at her work, The Visit to include other work done by her.  It’s great to see she’s getting rave reviews and lots of interest.  I told her when I saw her that I thought she’d go very far with her film and also her future works she seemed to have a great vibe about her and it certainly gave me ‘star quality’ when I was talking to her.

You can check out the interviews there and get to know more about this up and coming filmmaker.  My own interview showed a filmmaker with great vibes and hopes for her film and an exciting for being screened at an up and coming film festival.  To be posted soon.




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