This Past Weekend

I am working in a shamanic way that is new and I’m also working my writing and freelance photography.  So what’s going on for me besides this?  I’m working to see that New Moon Ascendant is sold.  I want to sell this book billions and billions of copies.

I just met a girl named Deborah.  The thing of games is not for idoits or meanies.  It’s for the gods I think.   She’s a ‘land owner’.  I recommend fumigation.  She’s a dangerous mind.  But she’s interesting for story.  This is the problem of writers.  I do not think the white man is a good man.  These things are racist in nature.  They can be elitist.

I’ve been doing events like Coachella which didn’t work out for me as I’d hope.  I ended up with a Dusk ’til Dawn event that didn’t pan out very well.  I wish it was a better event.  I’d been invited to it, but the grounds and environment wasn’t that great.  It looked like it might not be good to attend.   I missed a laugh-in red carpet event.  I wished I could’ve attended it, but it didn’t work out.  I missed it.  I hope to get future invites.

I’m in an interesting time in my life.  On the road.  A lot.  Wondering if I’ll make it.  I want to continue my fashion designs and also do my photography.  I’ve been doing a lot lately.


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