Wonder Con the Notes

Wonder Con was amazing.  I saw much.  There was tons of stuff there for fashion and for art.  The geeks ruled.  The nerds fell.  There was too much fun.  I thought it was going to be great, but I didn’t know it’d be awesome.  There was tons for food.  The trucks rocked it.  Last time I was there they rocked, but they were really doing it this time.  I’m hoping for more.  We’ll see.  I hope to make it to the San Diego Con if possible.  It should be equally amazing.  The highlights.  I saw Ms. Nichols of Star Trek fame.  The lowlights… I saw cool tech gear that I’d spotted at an earlier con.  It’s getting better.  I’d love to buy.  I saw it in Vegas, but it wasn’t what I thought.  I’m still checking it out.  It’s one to watch.  You’ve seen likely….the ties, the head gear that light up…it’s all the rage, but is it actually the apparel or is it something that’s laid on top of other things?  I’m hoping for apparel.  The ones you put on top might have issues of attachment and wear issues that’s too much bother for add on tech.  I did see something similar in the backpack arena.  Those looked much better.  Check out Equilibrium at http://EQunit.com.  They call them Skyn.  They look great.  I’ve covered the other at my other write up.

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