Angels and Faeries

I usually post about fashion and red carpets usually covering trends and trend analysis.  It should be noted that I’m also involved in the art world as an artist, photographer, and also collector of tarot and oracle sets.  I love the art.  I’ve been a fan of tarot and the artwork for many years and I do have many decks.  I love working with faery and angels when I do my meditative work and also any work outside to include healings, my photography, my writing, and also any fashion designing.  I love including the Divine whenever possible; the amount of inspiration is a lot and the help is always great.

I am working on writing about angels and faeries.  I do have one book completed on Sprites and I’m looking for a publisher.  My writings on faery and angels is deep work and is very rewarding.  They’re also helping me with other workings I’m doing on the Imaginal Realms.  I’ll be writing about them soon.  I do work with these realms for healings and also intuitive readings.  If interested contact me.  The books are to follow soon.  There are many things I’ll cover in the books, but I can talk about it here.  How to work creatively with Faery, Sprites, and Mer will be covered.  The truths of faeries and angels.

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