Back in Los Angeles 19 May 2018

Back in Los Angeles!  OMG Sedona was difficult to explain….very psychic!  Very sacred.  But very Faery and very alive with energies of divine origins.  No aliens!  Just Gaia.  The earth.  It’s very grounded, but the earth will take you in and you’re down for a spell getting acquainted with the ley lines and the energy fields which are easy to feel.  You don’t have to be into intuition and such to feel it.  It’s great, but startling how alive the earth can be.  I was very loud there.  I had too much to say.  The ancestors and all.  I’m part Native American and also Irish.  My Ancient roots spoke volumes to me.  ‘Don’t leave the earth Gaia.  Don’t go away love.’  and then ‘Find me.  I’m yours Ryan…..’  who’s is this one?  You get all types of messages direct like that there….It’s all good.  All angelic.  All Faery.  All the time.  If you want to hear something just wait and a vibe will reach you.  It was the way of the Ancients and even the way of now.  It’s got to be a form of telepathy that’s inherent in the earth.  Just think about the composition of the red rocks.  They’re beautiful.  That earth has crystals and quartz bits (crystals) scattered within and the iron of course….which is hinted by the deep red ores.  It’s clear to see that frequencies are magnified or dampened there depending on the time of the day.  It’s the light and the contact with the earth.  And those rocks are just like receivers stuck in the ground channeling energies and swirling around.  It’d be great to do earth studies there.  I wouldn’t even be surprised if crop circles showed up there.  The attraction of geodetic forces to the genetic make up of crops are sympathetic one to the other to various degrees of which would allow for the potential formations of ‘designs’ in malleable fields.  The amount of crops in the area is low but there are quite a few ‘meadows’….formations could be small or medium large depending on the space.  There’s a lot of brush there so there’s more likely to be small.  When you consider physics and the actions of forces and vectors as well as Gaian ‘winds’ to atmospheric ‘winds’ then it’s easy to see how such formations can pop up.  It’s totally beautiful and fascinating there.  I’ll be returning likely in a week to look for work there….and going back and forth between Los Angeles and Sedona.  I’m in Sedona for maybe 1 year or less doing an independent study on fashion and art and design.  Hopefully Beverly Hills Design Institute will accept the work for my degree.   We’ll see.  At any rate tomorrow is the Pink Pump Gala at the Beverly Hills Hotel and I’m covering one of the panels and hopefully the Red Carpet.  So I’m here for that and perhaps doing the Art Fair in Beverly Hills as well and visiting some of the museums for inspiration and looking at what I’m working on.

At any rate.  Year of Color is on and I’m getting only too much.  I’ll be doing a blog update post on it shortly.  Remember if you’re interested in getting more details on it for trend analysis please contact me.  I can send a write up in a booklet form for a nominal fee.

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