Job Hunting in Sedona

I’ve located a few locations where I might work.  I’ve submitted my applications and I’m waiting to hear back.  I can’t wait.  I’m doing advanced studies in textiles, fashion, color, art, design and couture.  I do intuitive readings.  I work with various tarot and oracle cards.  I love to do Faery readings and Angel readings.  I’m hoping to make money doing readings or art or even chefery at a local baker who specializes in couture baking and cake design.

I’ve located a local knitting shop and a bird shop.  I was looking to do possibly volunteering with birds (I’ve always had birds and I also do animal communicating).  Unfortunately there weren’t any birds in the bird shop not even wild birds for sale.  I was saddened by it.  I’m hoping it’ll change.  I’d love for them to offer classes in falconry and even offer opportunities to work with raptors that might have been captured in the wild and are being healed.  I’ll see what happens.  At the knitting shop I found some great yarns.  There was great color and interesting strands.  I saw where I could do some textile studies and even pattern studies with knits and yarns.  It’ll continue my design and maybe push my brand into new areas as it will combine pattern making and some couture techniques I develop.  I can’t wait to see.

There is a film festival institute here for Sedona Films.  I went to the office to see what might be possible.  They didn’t really have any internships unfortunately it seemed and they didn’t really offer up opportunities for a red carpet.  I’m going to see what happens here.  They have an event on the 11th of May that might be really interesting to cover.

I’m going to say that’s it’s interesting in Sedona, but the energies are maybe too much for the world here.  It’s likely why only some people can actually live here.  I’ve been coming back and forth over the past 7 years for a day or so and now I’m able to be here longer….hopefully.  It’s truly beautiful here.

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