Sedona Updates & Pink Pump Gala Event Los Angeles

There are a few events coming up where I can cover the red carpet.  The Pink Gala was one and it was bust.  Next is an event is the Tenth Annual Pink Pump Affair where I’ll be covering a panel.  I was hoping to also cover the red carpet.  We’ll see what happens the panel I’m covering is The Ageless Face of Beauty Panel:  A Decade Celebrating Women.

Here’s a link to purchase tickets if interested.  A link for more details in just below near the end of this post.

I’ll do pictures and maybe interviews.  I’ve been having equipment issues that suck lately.  It’s a bad time here for the photographer.  At any rate I’m hoping the event will be great.  I’m driving back from Arizona to attend.  I have things to do in Los Angeles.  I’m looking to move to Sedona for maybe a year or less.  It’s unknown.  However what I do know is that doing a commute might be interesting for me for a time.  We’ll see.  Still looking for a job in Sedona.  I’ve had great luck so far getting applications, but if they prove a job remains to be seen.

More to come.

#GetPumped #GetPumpedForAutism #PinkPump10 #BlingThePink


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