Visit to Sedona Arizona….maybe a temporary move?

I am here in Sedona.  I might be moving here for a time.  I’m not sure yet.  I’m looking for a job.  It’s been a rough year to be sure.  My business designing is on hold for a time while I study.  I was a student at the Academy of Couture Arts in Beverly Hills and now I’m out for a time.  It wasn’t working out as well as it should.  I was missing classes due to not feeling well.  I have many designs that I’ve been working on and they were going well, but the school was difficult to be in.  Sometimes the energies were just not for me.  My designs rocked though.  I’m taking a break this quarter to do studies on my own in the world.  I’m looking at color and textiles and designs.  Studying art, art history, archaeology, and also studying fashion in the stores. It’s interesting.  I’m on the road and sometimes sleeping in my car.  It’s a new way of living for me.

At any rate I need to get my life together.  Update my photographs.  Update my camera.  Update my car.  I’m hoping to get a job here.  I’ll also be traveling back to Los Angeles to work various events when necessary.  I have one coming up in the middle of the month.  However I spoke to the Angels and God of course….to include Faery and I might be working here for a time.  Like maybe 1-2 years.  I will see how it goes.  I will look for studio time around so I can design still.


2 thoughts on “Visit to Sedona Arizona….maybe a temporary move?

  1. Sounds like an adventure!! I’ve been
    hooked on videos of people who
    chose to live in a car or can so that
    they travel and make their dreams a
    reality. And I can soooo see you
    designing couture. Sending you
    good vibes along your journey.

    1. Thanks so much Cat! It is an adventure. Working an event tomorrow. Can’t wait. I’m hoping it’ll turn out great. Good vibes to you too.

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