Clarins Paris: Eclat Minute (Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil)

I was in Nordstrom not too long ago and went to the counter to try out something and I ended up getting the Clarins Paris Eclat Minute Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil.

It’s a great product and I highly recommend it.

Places it’d be great to see is everywhere makeup is done and everywhere someone needs help for the lips. It relieves dryness and any concern that one might look peeling and dry and cracked on the lips and corners of the mouth. I used to have that problem often as I was sometimes dehydrated and needed to apply balm which would go on frequently. With this product you can apply it in the morning and it’s still working 24 hours+ later. It’s great!
It does a great equalizing of skin tones on the skin as well evening out splotches and discolorations. My lips look kissable and supple. It’s awesome. It’s a must have for all people and I’d apply it on ages as young as 8 years of age on upwards. If using on lips that young always consider it a treatment for dryness and apply when not eating so it’s not seen as a consumable. I would not give it to the purse or wallet of anyone below the age of 14. It’s because it really an adult product and you don’t want to worry about it being shared everywhere, contaminated, or abused to where someone has consumed it and needs to go to a doctor. Age 14 and higher understands more about lipstick and lipglosses, but I’d use it on a niece or nephew in a moment to get rid of cracking.

You can find it at Ulta and also Nordstrom. Do try it. It costs about $20. It depends on where you go. It can be found online.

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