Looking for Work and Independent Studies

Looking for work and independent studies is a tiresome job sometimes. I have a lot going on and it’s been somewhat lucrative. What I have is a lot of writing that I’ve been doing and I’m looking to get the book out in bigger ways. Now what I’m hoping for is a movie based on my work. When I get my work out in bigger ways then I’ll see my work on the big screen. It’s really that good. I love my little novella. It needs to be seen more and I want it to sell. And sell. And sell. It’s available in e-format and hardcopy. It’s titled ‘New Moon Ascendent’ and it’s yummy for all people. When I wrote it….it was back in England in 2010 and I was too happy about the writing, but I felt like I had problems with the middle of the story and I did. It was a struggle to get it out, but when I did I was too glad to have a completed piece of work. It’s a faery tale. I’m looking to see it in other formats and also to see it in the screen. I’m hoping to sell rights to the work in various formats. Like publishing overseas and also to include rights for republishing and also rights for adaptation. If interested take a look at the work and then also take a look at my email and contact me. My email is andshesawstars@gmail.com. You can find the book at Lulu.com and also Barnes and Noble online as well as Amazon. Kobo.com has it also.

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