Pink Shoe Gala….Did anyone hear about it?

The Pink Shoe Gala was an event I was invited to cover. It turned out to be a big discussion on beauty and women and where women are going. Who are they? What are they? Where are they at? Are we doing it? I wondered. I stood there snacking and waiting for the day to start. I didn’t know if it’d be any good. There seemed to be some press, but not tons. I’m a good reporter. I’m a good photographer.   I’m not cheap.  I do freelance, but I don’t want to do free freelance either.  I’m great for covering big events. Big events that matter. Not events to placate an industry. I felt like I could do better for events. I knew I could cover more. There was a red carpet of sorts. Does every event need to be over the threshold for it to shine and be worthy of coverage? No.

Did I wonder what was the big whoop? Yes. Cancer? For women and breast cancer? So what? Now what are we doing? I’ve had a lump and I’ve had the stuff….now what are we doing? Are we still talking about cancer…….CANCER….what about beauty? Is that the only thing that draws women together?  Cancer? No.  Of course not.  I wanted to see and hear more from us….from the industry….from women…and from the people.

I thought we could come together for pink pump.  I didn’t see any heels the color of pink (except for a pair on the red carpet).  It’s a pink shoe/heel gala.  Like the pink ribbon.  There should’ve been more pink heels.  I don’t want to go on, but I know in my gut that it could’ve been a bigger event!  Vivica A. Fox was receiving an Icon Award.  Also the event mentioned a fashion show runway featuring designer Kevan Hall.  I wanted to see a great arrival for the event, but I didn’t see it….the venue was great and interesting.  Perhaps it came later.  So a great walk up could’ve been managed especially at the beginning. Pink pumps like sorority goes a far way. More than just cancer, but the beauty that they talked about as women and as bloggers was a commentary on society.  They were really interested in the community and how they were being perceived.  I really wanted to hear more. I was pulsed by the intrigue of the minds. They were piercing in their commentary on getting up there in the limelight….getting out there into the community….what did it take?  How’d they do it. The audience was equally piercing and focused beyond and was into the moment of being girl.  Girls. They move the world. And the conversation. I was in.

There was great conversation and an interesting dialog.  I was only covering one panel and it was on Beauty and Women.  It was interesting.  The event was to congratulate Icon Award Winner Vivica A. Fox in addition to holding the various talks.

I wasn’t able to attend the awarding of the Icon Award.  I was just there for the first lecture discussion and then I did a couple of pics of the Red Carpet.  I left afterwards.

I thought it could’ve been nicer to see more of the event, but I didn’t get to any of the other lectures.  I only saw the one on beauty.  Permissions were difficult for this event.  It’s unfortunate, but I did get some pics I thought were great and the conversations I did listen to was intriguing.  Even still I was a bit disappointed.  I wanted more.  I’m hoping to see better events.  There were some gaps here.  Perhaps it was covered later when I wasn’t there?  I do recommend the event in the future obviously it’s the 10th Annual so it has been a success, but I would’ve loved more incoming people.  The red carpet access was difficult, ugh it’s frustrating as press/media.  You’re only able to give as good as you get.  I wish I could’ve been at more of the event talks.  Little given….little returned.  That’s how it can go if you’re not receiving full access to an event.  I don’t do fluff pieces.  This had a lot of promise and a lot of interest from the panel I attended, but I think more could’ve happened.  It’s just me.  I can always tell a winner when I sense it.




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