Complaints and Criminal Activity not recognized

I experienced what I considered to be a crime.  I tried to file a report and had no luck.  I think this was awful.  How can this be?  I found the experience to be an atrocity.

Did I ask for police assistance?  Yes.  Many times at the top of my lungs and I didn’t get any help from the group I was engaged with who was conducting what I considered to be the crime.  I then did call for police assistance and I found it difficult to understand why they didn’t want to take down my concern or do anything.  I was scared a lot and worried that I might be harmed.  I haven’t filed the report yet, but I have filed with the local hospital the initial complaints.  That should start something.  I plan to go to the VA as well.  I think they should know.  I normally do not have such awful things occur, but I did that day early in the AM.  I cried.  I was very sick.  No one would really assist and I was harassed while I exercised my free rights to file a complaint after the main event.  There were three security guards that harassed me while I wrote; the same that engaged in the criminal activity.  Then the RN got involved and did the same.  I was treated as if I was an imbecile.  I was treated like I had no rights to human decency.  I was dragged out not fully dressed by three security guards whom I feared my rape me.  No one seemed to take it seriously.  I am a human being.  What is the problem here Santa Barbara?  World?  People?  When I tried to follow up to get names I was blocked by security and then threatened to be removed from the grounds.  When did it become a crime to ask for names to file complaints and to get assistance; perhaps even for future witnesses?

I will be filing many letters.  I saw racism, sexism, threats, and inhuman treatment and it was at a hospital.


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