2018 Anime Expo Review

I had an amazing time at the 2018 Anime Expo in Los Angeles. It was difficult at times. The walking around was too much at times. I thought I needed a break a lot. However I bought the most amazing items. The latest trends are as follows:

1) Mystery Boxes

They were everywhere. I noticed them last year at other comic conventions and the anime expo. I bought one or two last year and I bought a mystery box that looked like Chinese food carry out that had 6 amazing gifts inside for $8. I loved the items. It had a plush toy and a key ring or two and some other cute items. These are great buys. Always go for the ones that sound interesting and look interesting. Like buy a box for $5 and get these so much inside. Go for the ones that are $40 and also $60 as well some of these are really great like the egg with stuff inside. I bought one as a result of one of my angels guidance and it was too much love inside. I really enjoyed that. Thanks Archangel Raphael. I bought one box though that was a Marvel Mystery box for $45 or $60 and it wasn’t so hot, but I did get stuff I really loved. I thought there could’ve been more inside for the price. At any rate these things are HOT HOT HOT. So buy them. They’re fun.

2) Lapel Pins

Also what’s in are pins. Lapel pins. Of all types. The style has really gone super hot and super chic and they’re super expressive. There’s literally one for everyone. I’ve bought several so far. I used to be really into buttons and lapel pins they were really hot in the 80’s. They’re back in again and the prices range from $5 to $18. Well worth it. You’ll love wearing them.

3) T-shirts.

Tees are always in style and this year is no different. You’ll find tons of tshirts that are great to buy. They ranged $25 to $30. They’re nice and stylish. There’s almost too many to talk about. I’ll do a review and a video and post so you can see what I found.

4) Cool Stuff

Sometimes you can find cool stuff that you don’t know what to do with and you just like it. I found tons of cool stuff like little bottles, pan pipes, and also handbags and jewelry. These items were great. I also got some cool free stuff like CDs and other things like artwork. Of course business cards have come a long way and I always get cool artwork there.

This year I was on a budget. I could only get so much and so I said I’ll buy what I can. I did great. I spent about $50 to $60 and I got loads considering I usually spend $200 at an expo. I love comic books, anime, and graphic novel

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