2018 Anime Expo Rocking It……A New Face

I’m going to be honest the Los Angeles Anime Expo is always great but this year is totally awesome!  I’ve seen too much already.  Yesterday I saw an awesome exhibit on costume from Japan.  I love it.  I’m going to see if FIDM is interested in picking it up for their museum.  I think it’d be awesome to show.  This is why:  it’s fashion.  it’s costume.  it’s anime to street and it’s showcasing students and the costuming industry.   I loved the designs and the garment construction.  I think it’s the most awesome thing I’ve seen.  I can’t wait.  Pictures to come and FIDM be prepared for a visit.  I’m one of your graduates.  I think you already know.

Meet the World Cosplay Summit USA Judges, and See the Team USA Alumni Retrospective Exhibit at AX 2018!


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