Anime Expo 2018: Flavors of Youth World Premiere

2018 Anime Expo is great and I’m really enjoying the time.  There’s a Press Room which is great and it’s their first year having one.  I wish they had snacks and stuff as well as cooler swag bags for Press, Industry, and even Exhibitioners.  The bags could be tailored for each group.  I think it’d be a nice touch.  Also I was starving and working my butt off posting press releases and other such items about the expo.  I loved doing the work, but snacks at the Press Room would’ve been great.  I loved checking in during the AM and I loved the tables and plug in stations for my phone and laptop.  I also loved that I could plug in sitting along the wall on the floor early in the AM and during especially just outside the conference rooms and conference halls as I could update faster.  It made a huge difference.  At any rate check out my video.  You can also find my reviews at my You Tube Channel.

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