Comic Con San Diego 2018: The Table Saved the Day….

I was able to get a pass to the comic con and I was very glad.  I’ve been submitting my own registration and I never hear back in time at all.  I don’t know what’s the deal there, but I was able to get a pass that someone wasn’t using and it opened a door for me and I was able to come through.  Otherwise I would’ve missed another chance to do some freelance work, blog, comment, and get my name out.  And She Saw Stars has covered the brands of the San Diego Comic Con previously via the Wonder Con a few years and also the San Diego Con last year….though I covered mainly the surrounds.  This year was different and a bit rough.  I missed the Deadpool 2 Movie Panel and it totally sucked.  I came here at a great distance and under much duress and made it in and THIS panel was one I wanted to really see and I wasn’t able to get in.  There was racism at the gate.  Too much of the SDCC security (in particular #49) sucking the big one.  I saw her as totally racist and power struggles along with preferential treatment that was painfully obvious and unfair was too much to take from them.  I saw the other security in the blue uniforms as awful there.  They weren’t very helpful.  I had to have ‘press’ and as if Professionals don’t need photography and shouldn’t be allowed in.  I’ve been as Press before but duress made it impossible to get the Press badge and as a result I lost images that might’ve been worth millions to my blog and brand.  Now I’m stuck doing this complaint blog post which is rank.  There should’ve been someone there at the gate that knew something about photographers, press, and industries….these chicks couldn’t know anything more about being able to make a judgment call on the spot than a shoe with no sock.

Now I’m at the West in Downtown San Diego and Donovan from the security has approached to push me out from the lobby where I’ve come to try and charge my phone as I’m single woman/girl and walking outside at night.  I’m doing a blog post while I’m waiting for a charge.  I’m tired of you people with nothing better to do.  I’ll leave, but when I do….you’ll likely leave as well.  As you’ll be accustomed to.  I don’t appreciate him and his supposed lifestyle of terrorism to get in the way of something benign as this.  I believe he just doesn’t know what to do with himself.  He didn’t go to the other group and ask them anything.  I feel it’s a bit racist and profiling.  I’ll complain via this post and send it to their corporate offices and see what they say.  Comic Con is a huge event and usually press, exhibitors might be hanging out and using the bar or even other facilities as a break from where they’re staying.  I am a potential customer to their cocktail bar and now longer going to spend potential $ there.  I’ll be leaving in 20 minutes or so and not having had a good time here.  People with no foresight are a drag and profiling is totally out.  There’s nothing to say that the bar or the lobby is only open to those that stay at the hotel.  That’s the point of the bar being around.  The Westin is a stop for the Comic Con vans I do believe.

At any rate that’s that…….

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