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Been pushed around by my psyche.  and Psyche the goddess.  I am still here and standing/sitting and writing.  But who am I after all of this spiritual work?  I’m me.  LaDonna Joyce Davis and I’m dropping the Davis at first opportunity.  I think it’s inevitable.  The angels recommended it ages ago and I agreed with it.  Does ‘God help.’ really work?  I’m wondering.  And I’m asking.  What is my blog about?  I’m an angel.  I’m Faery.  And I’m here.  I was once Air Force, but now you know how that goes.  You’re usually Air Force even afterwards.  I used to live a double life.  The one where you’re Air Force and then the one where you have fun.  haha.  That’s where I did all of my metaphysical work.  I studied runes.  I studied oracles.  I took classes in shamanism.  I took classes in yoga.  I took classes in sound healing and also in chanting.  I did acupuncture.  I took classes in herbalism and aromatherapy (this was due to health stuff, but still it was a life in darkness).  I took a lot of classes Sankrit (like learning how to read) and took tons of art classes.  All of these things I thought were against ‘Air Force’, but in reality a different life.  It helped to balance me out, but you can’t possibly be an officer and also do runes or read the tarot…that’s rubbish.  However it’s not that far from how I was raised:  you can’t possibly be Christian and do runes or read the tarot.  And that’s OF COURSE rubbish.  If you really think about it I was already training for a future life where I did what I thought was more me:  Tarot and Art.  It’s a sad thought but unfortunately true when one reviews what one is doing to heal the heart.  I found it difficult to speak of tarot and be in the Air Force.  I was an officer.  I found it difficult to speak about being in the Air Force when I was with the metaphysical crowd.  They had a lot of animosity against the military.  It was like being a pagan in a Christian world.  I had difficulty talking about my love for the metaphysical when I was around the military crowd.  You know how it can be….missionary stink and does the military and religion mix?  You know the separation of state and religion.  This is when of course I knew in my heart that the military was only temporary.  I became sick over time and I had to leave.  I loved being an aerospace engineer and I loved being an officer, but I really loved the engineering and the aircraft.  I loved the….it’s hard to put into words the way an engineer feels especially when the engineer is a girl.  Girls and engineering are like Peter and Pan.  They go together.  I’m a girl Pan.  I left my career in the military following Hades all the way as I needed to leave.  I followed him into the Air Force when I joined.  He was more cooler than my family and especially my Mom who was too much Demeter.  I’m not afraid to say I ‘married’ Hades.  All girls do when they run away.  It’s just like Pan and the lost boys and lost girls (my add).  You find yourself that way.  Especially when it’s destined to be.  I’m a Sprite at heart and it’s been away from my writings.  I used to write ‘travel Spritely’ and then it faded just like Faery do sometimes.  Now it’s back, but implied.  I don’t have to type it.  The effect and the wish is there in the lilt of my writing.  When I write I believe in Faery.  I believe in angels.  I believe in me.  I believe in Pan and sprites.  It’s what entered the Air Force and it’s certainly what left it back in 2012.  I’m hoping for a better life now that I’ve seen myself true.  Air Force and all.  An engineer to the end.  Pan.  My name’s Wendy at your service, but not the Air Force anymore as I’ve separated and all.  I’m still Persephone.  And Hades is still a cool guide.

This is Mr. Ricky Whittle star of American Gods which airs on STARZ channel.  This is my shot that I took of him when I saw him at the In the Tub 2 book release last year.  TJ Scott photographer and author of In the Tub Volume 2 (as well as Volume 1) had a signing and a release party which I was able to cover on the red carpet. It was great. I did a blog post and posted images…..which I will include a link here. In case people missed my original blog post you can see it again here and you can also see my shots they were great.  My shots are at this link.  You can find his shots at his site which is shown below there’s also a link at my coverage of his event.  This is a trailer and summary of his event here.  Take it in it’s great.  It shows tons of fun and tons of great faces and more importantly tons of great photography.  It’s for a great cause and you can purchase limited editions of his book at his site.  Many are signed by each featured photography subject as well as the author and others involved in the project.  It’s well worth the investment.  It was a great night and one of my first red carpets that covered tons of celebrity.  I had it also at a movie premier and that was great too.  I love seeing new faces, but I also really love seeing faces I’ve seen before.  I used to live in Los Angeles and you can get around and see many people.  It’s nice to place folks.  It’s also nice to see them all together and say ‘whoa….I know you.’  or ‘whoa I remember you’.  At any rate….I featured and mentioned Mr. Ricky Whittle because he reminds me of Hades.  When I was thinking of Hades he came to mind.  He’s very hot right now as an actor and I’ve seen in American Gods.  I did get a chance to chat with him briefly.  He’s well dressed and very sweet to talk to.  A very nice man.  He comes across very down to earth and savvy.  At any rate if you’re ever looking to cast the character of Hades.  I’d chose him.  He’s not your stereotype of Hades: brooding and downtrodden.  He’d be considerate and to the point.  He’s likely an archetype for the true Hades.  Something more.  A bit Faery and likely very Elf.  Which I believe Hades to be based on my own research of Faery and Gwynn the god.  He’s very interesting to watch.  If I ever get my book adapted to film I’d totally cast him in one of the characters.  He comes across very clear.  His heart speaks.  It’s rare to hear hearts sometimes in Hollywood.  However the event was very well attended and all were there for partying.  Many hearts were heard.  Check out the book ‘In the Tub 2’.  You won’t regret it.  I did a brief post on the book.  I was pretty sure I wrote a few bits about the imagery, but I’ll cover it here as the work has been on my mind.  The format and platform of the work is great.  I’ve seen other books since the release and I find this work to be great in comparison.  It’s really a new format that I hadn’t come across before.  It’s great to have and features full bleed page of imagery.


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