Pan: A Journey

I’ve been on the hunt of Pan for some time along with other beings such as angels and faery to understand that which I’ve sort of seen and also sort of read.  I’ve been attracted to a similar type of guy and I can now say with authority that this usually means that somewhere you see that type around like faery out of the corner of your eye.  He is a form of love for you and your love for many yonks.  I didn’t really know until now.  It’s a relief and takes much wight off the heart.  And of course the brain.  It’s Pan.

This artwork came from the site above.  It’s really cool.  You can find it there and other good pics.

I’ve been seeing a Pan since age 6 or 7 who looks Asian, but he often shifts guises of Asia…..Black and White….and sometimes just Light.  He’s said He’s Christ.  The Christed One and Pan of the East for your young mind.  When you are older if you look for me you’ll see I’m simply Asia and Christ.  One and the Same.  You are my best friend and my ‘best-y’ as they call it in the future and I’m here always.  If you see me there’s something wrong.  If I linger in your mind then I’m truly around helping you to be you.  If you see me cry then we are one and we are crying together.  You are my love and you are god.  You are Kuan Yin. Over the years I’ve often wondered about it, but in my heart. What does it mean? I didn’t know, but he looked like the man in the little clip above with the Lightning. Of course you see him as Raiden in Mortal Kombat.  GI Joe also has a form of them in Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.  Raiden the name I will add just is also linked to the rune Raido.  Horse and Rhiannon.  This is Norse and also African.  This is of course linked to Oya and Odin.  I could go on here as I’ve been studying over the past 10+ years and now I can see links that I would’ve missed.  These are Orisha.  These are of course storms and I will make the statement and of course Faery.  I think it’s important to note.  These are Faery in action.  Not just gods and not just goddesses.

I’ve had Pan and his Sprites around me for many decades and I know that it’s meant to be.  The Creator places those around you that you need to see and know.  We are never alone and we are never left alone.  Many lifetimes I’ve felt I might’ve been abandoned by god.  Or at least I was told.  In heart I do not think so…..but maybe in my mind and head.  We pick up a lot of crap.  Like this amazing vacuum cleaner I bought that was recommended to me by Archangel Raphael who is also a Pan.  Now he’s green Pan.  Just like Christ.  And of course so is Pete.  I think they’re all around me and I’m glad.  Christianity will keep one blind for many years until you drop the dogma and follow your heart.  I left Christianity to find my own.  And I don’t regret it.  It’s where I found Christ and Pan and the goddess.  She’s awesome.  Kuan Yin and of course Bridget who are the same.  The first flame and kiss of god.  I think they are amazing and that Kiss must’ve created Pan and Sprite.   Of course the Others were created as well.  Elf.  Dwarf.  Man.  Woman.  Dryad.  Brownie and Mer.  What am I after?  Myself.

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