Pride and Prejudice in Troy with Culver City Park Theater

Culver City Community Theater in the Culver City Park. The website is at this address: I saw two great performances and it was totally free and fun and educational and inspiring. I loved it. I was there on this past Sunday 16 Jul 2018 and working in the car cleaning a bit and worked while watching the performances. The Trojan War was first and it was fun and quirky, but totally classic once you looked at what was going on. The story was classic of the Trojan War, but the props and interpretation as well as some modern references showed that the play and this performance still translates. The performance were great. I was surprised by how much was done and accomplished in the park and with the amount of space. They moved swiftly through scenes moving out amongst the crowd; reaching outwards and returning through quick costume changes (which was great). Stage props were awesome and were changed regularly. They were spiffy! I loved it. The acting was superlative and the entire productions were great. They were commanding and I loved watching it from my car while parked on the side. It was like the coolest drive in theater ever! I was riveted. I couldn’t turn away and I leaned into the seats and peered out my windows to watch other parts of the stage where I had obstructed viewing form the car. It was too much. I spoke with them afterwards and congratulated a few of the actors and also the stage hands. They did awesome work. I was shy to talk to them though, but I did and I was glad. I’m normally not that shy. I highly recommend checking out this season’s performances. I also highly recommend The Actor’s Gang also in Culver City. I’ve seen them as well and they ROCK! I hung out afterwards with the cast and crew and there was a DJ. It was totally cool and I totally snuck in…but I was press and it was ok. I got to see costumes and see the directors. I was actually considering joining or auditioning for a role. It was that great. AND after seeing the Park Theater crew from Culver City I was certainly keen to get acting again. It’s been awhile and I’ve done some things for film via and also via The Table (a local group I’m a part of). I’ve had some successes but I want more. I’m also looking to see about getting rights for adaptations for my short stories. I’d love to see some of my poetry/prose or even my short tales performed on stage or even on screen. They’re great and I’ve written before. My Bob’s Saloon was awesome. I rocked it as Misty Moonlight in 10th grade and I was great as a background person for recent film as well as great with short scenes from The Better Sister a short film I did in 2016. They’re available…my short stories for adaptation rights and publishing. My novella New Moon Ascendent is also available via and also via Barnes and Noble online. Check them out. I’ll see about adapting my short story ‘The Familiar’ for screenplay. I’m also looking to publish my manuscript on Sprites. It’s titled ‘Sprites: A Primer’. Exerpts are available upon request.

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