The Archangel Raphael

I’m always working and talking to angels.  I love it.  I love working with Faery and all realms where the Creator is and that is of course everywhere.  I read the most amazing article on Archangel Raphael and this is a bit of a turn from my other writings, but not that much because I do have an Intuitive page that covers most of my talents on this topic and in this realm.  I do readings.  Check me out on that page and contact me at  You can get a reading my fees are there.  You can see my example readings on YouTube.  Now HERE I am talking about this article and it’s amazing.  I love it cause it also hints that he is also Faery and everyone knows this I believe.  He is associated with the Green Man and Avalon.  These Faery energies are also very much amazing and I know for a fact he’s Merlin the Ascended Master.  Keeping track of Archangel Raphael and his energies is a task!  It’s fun, but work.  I totally love him.  He’s my best-y.  I always talk to him and he’s ALWAYS talking to me when I’m out and in need.  He is really a loving being.  And he’s totally fun.  Always associated with the Raven I always work with Archangel Raphael.  Early on I was initiated into ‘Raven and Boy’ which is an aspect of working with Archangel Raphael and Grandfather.  It’s a part of my heritage though to be honest I didn’t tell my parents about it.  I learned it from my Grandfather in a private way that African Americans can sometimes teach which is through a form of communication with Light (the Creator).  I studied it over 3 decades though he passed early.  My other Grandfather (Granddad) taught it to me in a similar way but focused more on ‘magic man’ which was great.  My other Grandfather taught me other things but I’ll talk about that elsewhere.  I was lucky in that I had 3 grandfathers and of course the Creator who is the ultimate Grandfather.

At any rate reading this article was awesome in that it confirmed this wrestling with an angel and for me it’s Archangel Raphael who is always for teaching me about magic and being impeccable.  He’s is also an Orisha and one of mine.  He always follows me around and we often dance together as I’m often to want to dance.  I also dance with Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel who are also very snappy and also Orishas as well.  Archangel Michael is often associated with Shango, but I think he’s associated with more than one Orisha.  Orisha like Archangels cannot be limited to just one name.  Both Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel are associated with Faery as well and have Faery names and energies.  Archangel Michael is associated with Exclaibur and King Oberon.  He is also known as one of the Gywnns (ie Gwynn ap Nudd, but not ap Nudd).  Many have written about Gwynn ap Nudd and I love that man!  I met him around the Tor many decades ago.  He is a god I associate with Christ and so he’s totally cool, but you know once you get into it the Archangels are as well each being a Gwynn (at least 5 I believe I can name off linked to alternative names for the Archangels, but I’ll write about it in another post.  I do believe I mentioned I’m trying to get my book on the Sprites published.  (if interested please contact me; I’m looking for a publisher).  Now this article below is awesome for this type of hinting and I highly recommend it.  I’ve been doing work on the Gwynns, the Ariels, and other aspects of Angels to get into the energies and understanding what I’ve been seeing over the years.  Now the Shining Ones are always with us and it’s not always easy to work with them especially when they love us and want/expect a lot from us, but it’s up to us to say when enough is enough and help to steer them so that they know what WE want.  Sometimes it’s too important to ensure that due to time and how time sometimes flows.  It’s not a I’m busy thing, but it’s really a I’m working here and they’re working there and we cross each other like ships in the night when we’re working our areas.  They’re always with us, but unless we talk to them they can sometimes not hear our hearts.  I don’t want to say they can’t understand where we’re at.  I just want to say they’re like our friends sometimes a heart-to-heart can be useful…..or a good amount of wrestling.  I’m totally over wrestling with Archangel Raphael.  At least on this plane.  In the dream realms it’s likely to be much more pleasant.  Here on the earth it’s like a bout of possession if one doesn’t understand what one is dealing with.  Thank god for my other guides.  They gave me a tip and I’ve just checked it out.  I’ve been developing the Imaginarium which is a form of energy magic and healing as well as a delineation of energies from the imagination realms that often guide us, but are difficult to understand, see, interpret and work with.  I’ve been working with them for all my life, but now in this form for 6 years.  I’ve called it the Imaginarium and it’ll likely have other names associated with it such as the Imaginastrium (which is one aspect of it) and the Imaginatria (which is another form).  I’ll write about it in a bit when more information is ready to come forward.  At any rate this is what Archangel Raphael has been going on about getting my magic out and my new magic out and onto the page so I can get it out to the world.  I love you Archangel Raphael.  Thanks.  Next time just pink me instead.  Love.

Archangel Raphael

This is a form of my artwork.  It evokes the Imaginarium.  Merlin and Archangel Raphael is certainly embedded in this work along with Pan.  If you like you can purchase this artwork in card format and also in photography.  Let me know if there’s interest.  I’d love to see my work in someone’s home, gallery, or on someone’s desk.  This is powerful artwork and allows many to see that which is in the heart.  Use it wisely.  Enjoy!

If you work with the artwork let me know and contact me afterwards for feedback.  You can email me.  I’d love to hear your feedback.  Plans for this work also include oracle cards and other types of stationery products.  Feedback on my work has been very positive.  Email me at or

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