What is this crap?

I’m writing and all I hear from others in the room is a lot of anger and evil.  I call it the black speech sometimes ’cause all it sounds like is demons.  I asked for help here and my guides are like not here and acting out.  Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve wondered if your guides are here or on vacation?  I have a situation about some old dude I dated 30 years ago and the fucking guides keep allowing evil in to bring it’s head in.  WTF??  They should end their karma with this dude.  I’m totally done.  Have you ever considered the fact that your guides also have karma with these souls.  Are they working out their karma on YOUR time?  I’m totally off from this.  This is the truth about angels and faery and why it’s important to understand the truth about their scope.  Their energies go all the way into the darker spectrums where they are invoking energies such as chaos, havok, malice, and averice for example.  Due to Christianity these feelings or elemental characteristics are primarily divorced and relegated to Satan or Lucifer when in fact they are the Wrath of god or the Malice of god all of which are Divine in Nature.  You have to sometimes go to Faery to get these energies in any form or to older forms of gods and goddesses that aren’t so segregated in their Nature or even Catholicism which is different from Protestantism.  Catholicism still has spaces for these energies more so than Protestant faiths.  It has been my experience to notice this segregation which is rife throughout Protestant faiths.  You can see it in the separation of Mary Magdalene/Isis and Mother Mary who is the same as Isis.  Now when you look at these things it’s easy to see why people are stuck in their ways and beliefs; especially when you look at how things are moving on the earth with intolerance and lack of understanding when it comes to other faiths and religions.  I consider myself pagan now and I do still go for Christian things, but only that which I love which is more gnosis and my own interpretation.  I do not cater to and I do not like people pushing their emotions onto me.  It’s truly a cult of joining.  You are Christ we are Christ and no one else can be in it.  This is much like if you’re not for me then you’re against me vs. the if you’re not against me then your for me.  I prefer the latter as it’s more tolerant and open to likely the true relationship of Christ which was a brotherhood of multiple faiths and religions.  Back then of course Christ was Jewish!!  OMG!!!  AS IF he was Christian then.  I find this totally hilarious.  He was Hebrew and speaking those things he believed in which were derived from his upbringing, his learnings, his teachings, his speakings, and his travels and initiations.  I know it’s difficult to follow, but the reality is this…there were people then.  They were of many cultures.  Many faiths.  Shit happened then.  People were pissed.  Good stuff happened.  People were happy.  People moved.  There was living and visitors.  There were exchanges in thought.  People from far off lands (like Jerusalem) went to other distant lands like Russia and India and Brittany.  Romans were about.  Sparta was up and working.  Athens was in trouble.  It was slinging the hash everywhere.  It was an exciting and even dull time and we whose archaeology is terse and brief….to brief to make such grand claims as we do to know what Christ ACTUALLY spoke we have much to learn and much to wait for.  There is still translations planned and re-translations going on.  We also need to be open to seeing more truth and getting the new interpretations for our books and futures.  Just like in physics and other disciplines we need to see and correct our histories when and if necessary.  EVERYthing CAN’T be dogma.  What is the point of being scientist or scientific about it.  We need to be Atheist in our approach such that Truth rules and not sentimentality.  Sentimentality has a place of course in our faith and belief which we hold onto when things are being reinterpreted to get us by….it’s the only way to really get to the truth of what is believed to have happened and of course what actually happened.  In many cases the best we can do is get to the what is believed to have happened as we weren’t necessarily there and also translations might not be that great or thorough.  We have to think about that and remember context and inflections and literal vs other interpretations and if we’re objective enough to see ourselves clear while we’re doing the work of clearing the histories and current laws we are looking at reworking.

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