My Birthday & Comments on Writing

I’ve been away doing various gigs of going to comic book expos and the like.  I love doing this work as I’m up on things that are of pop culture and also of imagination.  It keeps me involved in the genres and these fields that are related to the industry.  I’m hoping the upcoming Crunchroll at San Jose is just as great as I’m covering it next month 1-3 September.  If you’d like to meet me catch me there and you can see me at work.  I’ll be photographing and also writing notes…possibly interviewing attendees for the latest comments on their work and at the booths for the latest trends.  You’ll see me….a photo here for reference:

Now for some samples of my work.  If interested catch me via text 213-598-1809 either now or while at the expo in case we don’t meet and I can create something.  I do couture work and commissions.  I love doing it.  I’m a graduate of FIDM and attending the Beverly Hills Design Institute for advance studies.  I do work free lance photography, design, and writing.

I do design clothing as well and have been seen on the runway at FashioNXT and Van Couver Fashion Week.  I’ve been invited to show in Paris, Atlanta, Van Couver, Oregon, Los Angeles, and San Diego to name a few.  I’m currently working/studying at the same time and so showcasing my work is limited for the time being.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me especially while at the expo it’s possible to maybe set up a meeting and discuss And She Saw Stars branding/licensing and to even talk movie rights to New Moon Ascendent if there’s any interest and to also discuss any possible collaborations for future work.

BTW Happy Birthday me!  I turned 48 on 21 Aug 2018.  WOW!!!

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