Upcoming Expos and Conventions for And She Saw Stars

I’m going to attend the San Jose Crunchyroll Expo this September 2018. It’s my first time there if I get my press/media pass which I’ve applied for….the Anime Expo in Los Angeles this year was awesome and my short (brief) time in San Diego Convention (Comic-Con) (see my blog posts on the Anime Expo) was pretty cool though I must admit the Comic Con admin in San Diego could really use some support. I’m praying for them as I’ve been going since 1995 and it’s really one of the best….I must be honest though….it’s too crowded. I go to the Wonder Con in Anaheim as a result as my first choice as a result, but I always look back to the San Diego one when I can due to nostalgia. I’m hoping to get into the Ape Convention and Faery Conventions (East/West) for 2019. I’m also going to the exhibit for Kirsty Mitchell Photography who is doing a Wonderland exhibit in Indiana. I’ve visited them before in England and even seen their studio. I simply love and adore them. I own a few of their works and one of their gallery prints which I purchased in England while on visit there.

I can’t wait to see them. This is my plan and I’m waiting to hear back on passes/admissions etc. You know how it can be waiting for emails. I’m looking forward to Crunchyroll and an invite to Wonder Con if it goes through. I’ve been invited to attend an event by Erik of VIZ Media teams and Fathom Events to see the Sailor Moon Super S Movie Premiere! I can’t wait to hear back from them as movies, premieres, comic books, arts, and writing are all in right now. You’ll see it everywhere in various industries and I love seeing how it’s moving right now. I want in to THIS premiere for certain. I’m waiting to hear back on this one.

There’s also another event for HBO and Game of Thrones. A film festival coming up in a week that runs thru mid-August. I’m looking to see if I can get press/media pass for it. See my next blog post for more details on this one.

That’s it for now. LaDonna

Thanks Sprites and Angels!