Where to go for paints…….

I rarely get to speak art….or art-ease.  However I am now.  I’m currently living in my car and working as a dedicated student to do a film study on ‘homelessness’ and living/working as a student.  I’m pursuing advanced studies in couture working on a degree in Pattern Making at the Beverly Hills Design Institute.  I’m considering going for a Bachelor’s there.  I love the work of designing and also of writing.  My head has been in a state since leaving the military.  Being a veteran can be difficult.  I’m not regretting my path much.  It’s very challenging.  I’m still doing runway and have been invited to show in Paris, San Diego, Van Couver (BC), and Perth in 2018.  I’ve not gone for the invites due to school.  I’m doing deep studies in application of my engineering skills (MSc in Aeronautical Engineering (Loughborough University England), BSAE in Aerospace Engineering (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor).  I’m studying the application of engineering principles to dress making and pattern making/design.  I’m also studying the application of engineering principles to the study of textiles (having an AA in Fashion Design from FIDM in Los Angeles).  I’ve already shown in Van Couver, BC in 2016 and Oregon at the FashioNXT in 2017 to rave reviews.  I am continuously invited to show which is great and the path of study and the development and defining of an independent/freelance lifestyle of a fashion designer is consuming.  How does a former US Air Force Officer operate as a free woman and a new input to the industry and field of fashion, writing, art, and photography?  I do what I’m doing now.  Developing an independent spirit and lifestyle for living that is conducive to the expression of freedom and discovery.

This quarter at school I’m working on an independent study that is looking at my draping skills, portfolio development and also the creation of new textiles via the application of engineering methods and practices.  It can be slow going, but very lucrative in creative joys, discoveries, creative juices, and happy thoughts.  It is a passion.  This is a piece I’m re-working using more hand-applied sewing techniques to make it more couture and develop a ‘particular’ look and style for my ‘And She Saw Stars’ girl who is hot, independent, youthful, chic and free.  It is Faery inspired.  It is goddess inspired and Gaia inspired (Faery).  It highlights recycled & up-cycled designing and draping.  It is steered towards a one-of-a-kind and certainly limited edition designing presentation.  Allowing for individuals to have something unique and singular or at least in the limited minimum (to be honest it is difficult to get any two alike as each are designed by hand).  I’m developing a ‘seasonal run’ line and patterns for the markets, but they will still be limited with numbering and signature specialties to really up the ‘afterlife potential of And She Saw Stars garments).

The creation of fashion fabrics from tissues and tissue paper for paper designs is also something I’m studying/exploring during my independent study.  Ergonomics, Cradle-to-Grave applications, Wear/Tear concerns and Care/Handling Concerns.  I’m looking at how my own designs can withstand the elements after construction as well.  It should be noted I’m looking for models always (please send your details if interested).  I’m also looking for locations to shoot (contact me if you have any leads).  I’m also looking for outlets for my writing and photography work.  I’m currently freelance with DisFunkshion Magazine, and published with iMirage Magazine, and I’m being considered for work with CUTS Online Magazine.

Paints and painting can be brought in from almost anywhere for one’s art, but I’m going to be honest:  I’m a bit of a snob for color and stockists.  Bring in from Jane Davenport’s work is awesome!  She has an amazing palette and discerning eye for color.  Her tastes and schools are amazing!  I’m a graduate of her Mermaid Online courses (two-timer!).  I haven’t heard from my groups in awhile as we’ve all gone out and started using our inspirations elsewhere to develop our art, BUT I found her line at Michaels and it was awesome.  I’m playing with some of her watercolor pens and tissues and appliques.  I’m hoping to develop something for fashion design.  I’m also a fan of Barnes & Noble watercolor paint pens that are awesome.   They have great prices.  I will report back, but these are the latest trends!  Colors and new technology….developing on one’s own hues is seemingly hinted at via the Barnes & Noble watercolor pens.  Jane develops her own colors/hue regularly.  She’s amazing at it.  I have her reds and I LOVE LOVEY LOVE them!!!!



Go out and get them.  Check out the websites…..you won’t regret it.




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