Crunchyroll 2018 San Jose

This year the Crunchyroll was interesting the schedule was very cool and the folks that showed were great. I thought the films were awesome and the film lineup was also amazing. I spent my time during the exhibition floor and reviewed art and also articles that were too cool. There was loads to see. It was a great size for a convention and there was also free cotton candy.

I highly recommend going to the convention and the expo in the area. The crowds are manageable and you can get to everything. Go early and stay the entire time is recommended. I found great food at a local Whole Foods. The only down side was that Japan Town (nearby) wasn’t really as great as hoped. I’m hoping it will get better for next time. I found great manga and great artwork. I loved everything I bought and the costumes were great. It was a great way to spend Labor Day Weekend.

I have some information on an upcoming anime film festival in Los Angeles. I’m looking to get involved there as press. I’ll keep things updated.