In the End

I met someone named ‘Thank You’ and it turned out to be ‘Andrew’. I think he’s likely to be a victim of his own demise. These ‘white guys’ are EVERYwhere…..and they’re not nice. He was from Boston and I’ll not see him again and it’s likely a good thing. Too bad his eyes were like the sea…..I think Maroon 5 and Jay Z would say there are others with eyes ‘like the sea Yeme look to God and see the sea all the time…’ Okay I say. I am sometimes called Yeye. Anyway it’s after the goddess. I have to be not so much worried as just aware of my space. Situational Awareness is what I’ve been taught from the USAF and so I use it constantly. It’s nice sometimes not to worry. In the end it’s all God. At least I think so. I see a lot of different things around with people and folk. They’re not nice to Faery. They’re not nice to anyone. I don’t want to go on too much but folks are sometimes too much into each other’s business. I had a freelance gig yesterday where I went out for a part for ‘Devil Wears Prada’ it was a part of CSUN meaning a student project. I was too glad to be a part of it. I went out for the role of Miranda, but was instead the model that was being ‘styled’ and photoshooted. It was really cool. I had my dancer’s feet which are dirty lately from being barefoot a lot in school and also of course dancing. I am an outside girl. I ‘owe’ them a headshot still. I’ll send it today when I get a chance. I had a lot of fun. It’s a bit strange ‘acting’ but I should get a better sizzle reel and I can’t wait. I’m going to udate my resume and website today so it can be known. It’s my ‘first’ paperwork as ‘Talent’ really as I wasn’t there for Decorator Set Production. The ‘Better Sister’ has had a viewing I wasn’t able to attend. I hope it goes further and gets more viewing and even more festivals. It was a great film and it’s sad if it doesn’t get seen more and more reviews. Prayers out.

I have tons of legal stuff going on and other stuff that’s not great to talk about. I’ve had a series of cars that seemed to be following me….but I didn’t really do much about it. I just didn’t think it really meant anything until I almost got ran out of the lane on the freeway. And it wasn’t an almost. It was a big rig. It pushed me out of lane and I honked my horn and moved the car. I was scared and they were riding the back of the bumper for many minutes and then ‘riding’ me and bullying me until I moved the car. I wasn’t going slow. I was in the second lane. Now when it happened I was scared, but I was also like ‘no more’ to this bullshit. Who is following me? I’m a student and also a bloggist. I’ve covered many celebs and artists. I’ve talked about contreversial topics. I was once in the Air Force and an officer. I got out and was honorable discharged. Of course. I had a great career. And I was good.

Was that it? Who knows? God. At any rate I’ve contacted the police many times and now I’m moving into this career life as a freelance photographer, writer, designer, actor and perhaps that’s the deal. I’m not use to having discord. It could be people are just weird, but maybe not. I had a girl try to open my car door on the passenger side a couple of months ago. I reported it but had problems getting the police to note it. I went to Culver City Police Department as I used to live there….Beverly Hills Police Department was not helpful at all. The Grove security department helped only a little there were a few problems there, but not a lot. I will note the problems with the departments. While in Palm Springs I’ve had someone try to break into my room and I had to call the Sheriff’s Department. I had the door lock on and thankfully it held as they tried the door. They had a ‘key’. They did not knock and they didn’t say ‘housekeeping’ and it was 0830 in the AM. I was still sort of sleep and I was scared. I’ve called the front desk when it’s happened before and they NEVER really take any action. So I skipped calling them and called 911 instead. They came out and seemed not very helpful, but they gave me a police report number and I was glad. When the girl tried my door she opened it and I had to pull it closed. I got out of the car and went around and pushed her! Do you know me? WTF are you doing and you know I do not know you. See laughed and started to walk away and said Sorry I was just trying to say hey…..??? I went and got my camera and actually ran after her she had walked away and I followed to take pictures. I have them to turn in. No one wanted to take the story. I don’t know why. I can post them here, but I’ll wait and see what to do. I had an altercation in Santa Barbara Hospital emergency room and reported that. It still hasn’t moved. I’m in the process of obtaining refunds for many of the stays at the hotels and also police involvement for the various instances where racism was experienced. I’ll see if there’s any movement with my blog readership and followers. There’s got to be something.

I’ve been away for the past month due to travel. Trying to find a job and going to school. I have some great things to post. I’ve been to a few comic conventions and I’m setting up future ones for next year. I’ve found some great buys and trends. I’ve had an interview for Blue Star Donuts. I didn’t get the job. I thought I’d be great for it. I’m hoping they’ll reconsider. I’m trying to gain experience as a baker so I can continue my cooking training.

Pray for me. I’m a USAF veteran and I think the world is not ready for me. I’m amazing. I’m an artist. I’m a photographer. I’m a designer. I’m a leader. I’m an author. I’m a writer. I do freelance. I’m unemployed, but not really. I’m in school. I’m a business owner. It doesn’t make money yet, but it gets much love. I need backers. I need funding. I have a hand out. It’s mine. Don’t be afraid to shake and leave cash behind. I’m a freelance….inventor. I’ve got the ideas. And I’m creating a film about my time living in my car for the past year. It’s a bit of an homage to being in the military. Moving all the time. I don’t regret getting out.

More to come. I’m catching up. Hopefully next time I’ll put a note out that I’m on break.

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