Up and running…

My blog on this site has been lagging for months due to various events in my life….I’ve also had problems with the site. I’m glad to be back. There are tons of comments to go through and I’ll be doing that over the next 2 days. Then I’m back writing here and at my carbonmade site which is http://ladonnadavis.carbonmade.com. You can see recent posts there and I’ll also be updating this site…too many plugins gunking up the works. At any rate glad to be typing. Looking for new freelance work and I’m on break from studying couture. I was looking to even move to Sedona but may be on hold. Not sure what’s up with jobs in today’s market. At any rate check out my YouTube channel I’m doing my fashion still and Oracle readings which are new. I’ve been invited to show in Van Couver Fashion Week and I dont know what’s going on for me this year. I may not be able to participate. I’m hoping to catch back up soon. My life has been consumed with civil rights battles and Veteran issues. More to come on that later.

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