My mother died 3 July 2019.

I happened to be in Detroit to visit on family business. While here I was doing visits everywhere in Detroit. I was very fortunate to be around as I learned my Mother died. I was able to see her before she left. I had such a short visit though. I was very sad as she was very ill. I wished the better for them my parents when I saw them. I wondered when had we gotten so old. I remembered when we were all young and too youthful to be worried about death and dying. I remember growing up and my Mom saying ‘if I should die tonight, all is well with my soul.’ It was something very nerve wracking when I was younger to hear as hearing about death was very difficult to do. However I listened. She studied psychology and death and dying. She was a bridal consultant and fashion designer. I loved her very much and I was very glad she was gone. No more suffering for the weary. No more dying for the young and the memories of my mother. The reality of her was here for me everywhere. I stood regarding her: the product of all her work and effort and I was very glad to be LaDonna Joyce Chambers Davis as she sometimes liked to call me.

She will have a funeral in the next few days. She wanted to be cremated as I do. She’ll likely have a burial in the ground as well. We’ll see what options there are. I’m happy with maybe a niche or something. I don’t want to take up a lot of space on the earth when I’m gone. I also want to make sure I’m dead when I’m cremated as well.

I’m working on the obituary and other items for the funeral. Pray for me. My Mom was from Detroit. She died at the age of 72 years. More information to follow as necessary for those who may wish to send flowers or notes. Please see the links below for more details.

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