Faery Sighting

A Faery Jack

It’s Saturday and I was in a parking lot sitting and drinking enjoying some ice and looking around. I spotted a tree and in it a tree Sprite. If you’ve followed my writing or know me you’ll know I’m an intuitive and am ‘into’ Faery. I’ve studied many forms of intuitive training over the years to include Reiki. I’m a Reiki Master and also do healings with crystals and stones. Im really good. I’ve always been intuitive. Since I’ve gotten out of the military I’ve had more fun with my gifts and studies in metaphysics. It’s totally fun and liberating to use one’s gifts and observe Nature. It is truly amazing to see. I think it’s because of my training. I’m an engineer as well as a designer. I’m also a photographer. So I thinks it’s a beautiful development of a gift.

What I saw was what I call a Faery Jack or a ‘Jack’. There are different types of ‘Jacks’ all usually dangerous if untrained in working with Faery. They don’t like being seen. If you see one say yay! I have The Sight no matter how long lasts if it was just turned on or if it’s just momentary. They will usually tell you; even if you don’t remember. You’ll always see them though. When you do ask God and or Faery for help. You’ll always get it. It’s best to always work with the Earth when you get Jacks it’s because the Earth knows them better. Turn it over to Gaia or the Earth….God….Faery and you’ll be happy.

Jacks are sometimes what we don’t understand so always go to higher powers of Divine natures so you have protection and help with divination of what is being told to you from God.

Faery is great to work with and having a Faery sighting is awesome. It’s a great gift and a blessing. Always say thanks of course and that’s usually your immediate reaction as God always hears us. So don’t worry. You will be ok.

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