New Dental Gear

Fashion for your mouth.

I know. I know. It’s teeth. It’s dentum. (I’m pretty sure it’s a word. I’ve heard it or something like it from dentists when referring the the plural of dent (meaning healthy tooth material (bone in the teeth))). Figure it out.

I’ve purchased the Curaprox 5460 ultra soft oral care brush. haha. It’s a great-looking toothbrush. It’s green stem and hot pink bristles. It’s a Swiss brand and has instructions on the back of the package. Check out for details. I bought it at a great pharmacy in Birmingham MI. ….(pause) along with drTung’s activated charcoal floss with lemongrass+ (vegan). It WORKS! I am so glad I bought that stuff at that place. It’s next to the chocolate store I think on 13 mile road or perhaps 12 mile road. You’ll love the drive around to find it. You can google it perhaps.

I’m at a Starbucks. There’s a girl here that’s rather ugly in energetic parlance. I hate seeing that.

At any rate buy the dental gear if you’re really into taking care of your teeth and want something fashionable.

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