Stuck in Denver. I’ve been here since the end of the month of August when my car broke down on the road on my way to San Jose for Crunchyroll 2019. I do freelance work like writing, photography, red carpets, movie premieres, and I’m also a fashion designer for And She Saw Stars. I’ve lost the engine and they’re rebuilding it and doing repairs. I can’t believe it. My Ford Focus 2007 is amazing. I bought it in England. I was once in the military as those who’ve been reading my blog should know. I’ve been up and down lately because of health stuff I’ve had to work with the VA. It sucks. However I’ve been wondering as I’ve been here almost 20 days or so what luck has done to bring me here. I’ve had it. I’m almost dying maybe from an illness and I’m still moving. It’s awful, but awfully eye opening. At any rate I’ll be doing a post look at Crunchyroll 2019 in another post and it should be good. I’m sad I missed directly but I did do my own Crunchyroll 2019 in Denver where I’m at which is the Origin hotel. I watched the premiere of Steven Universe. It was great. Crunchyroll in case you don’t know is a great Anime con and popular culture convention held in San Jose every year around this time. I always go to at least one of these conventions every year. I’ve covered Anaheim which is part of the San Diego Comic Con system of conventions. I’ve covered SDCC itself proper in San Diego. I’ve been a long time attendant and even volunteer since 1995 when I was stationed in McClellan AFB. Now when I go it’s almost rock star in that I go as Press and Industry. (SMILE) Crunchyroll is a recent add to my list of conventions and it’s smaller yes, but PACKED with great times and great film. I hated to have missed it due to car but I did cover remotely anyway. If you get to go to the convention go. Los Angeles Comic Con (linked to the recently deceased Stan Lee) is a great comic convention to attend. I’ll be heading there hopefully in another month without any car issues. We’ll see.

At any rate take a look at the trailer and if you get to see the movie check it out. They are showing it again throughout the month. It was a great show. This is a brainy movie. It’s part likely I feel, of the recently existential anime that has been flowing out over the past maybe 10 years or so. It’s youthful and adult at the same time meaning you and young kids can watch and enjoy. I want to look at the term ‘adult’ for anime and cartoons…what are we talking about? Are we too old to watch a good cartoon without wondering if it’s good for my age group. I think ‘adult’ for me means I can ponder about it later because it’s brainy and sometimes when you watch cartoons it’s great to watch and go and just let it go. Brainy cartoons make you come back to learn perhaps about the characters or perhaps about yourself. It’s ‘comic book’ and that brings it into a genre that’s ‘book’ and that’s amazing. I wouldn’t say Bugs Bunny is ‘book’, it’s great as movie and film and a dream piece, a story piece, and a just let it go show. Bugs is classic and is in the conscious perhaps for years before you realize you’ve been affected by it in your life. It’s different. Think about it.

At any rate I’m on my way to do more writing today and get on my blogs. I have this one and one on carbonmade a great site for artists and writers. You can find that one at My sites are a bit behind but it’s due to working the items with the VA and also some items such as family has cropped like my mother recently passing. So check me out and do get into (if you’re a fan and kind) my commentary on where you can find me next. That way if you’re interested we can chat. I’ll likely be walking around doing shots for my blog or editorials and I’m also around doing looks for latest trends and gear to buy as I often do reviews. So Crunchyroll is a go to if you’re looking for something to do and something new. It’s a good weekend and last year they had follow on events and I went to a movie at an AMC that turned out to be too much fun! I loved that. If you remember me from past comic cons like San Diego then you’ll remember me when you catch me if I’m passing through….I don’t have any of my images here but I’ll certainly add what I have….

LaDonna ‘LD’ Davis writer, designer, photographer

Until next time…..

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