Le Bon Macaron

Ann Arbor MI review of Le Bon Macaron

I went to Ann Arbor the other day and sat at Le Bon Macaron. It’s a great place. I did a video review and I’ll load it. If you ever get to go then go. The macaroons are awesome. I loved the champagne ones (strawberry).

I was in Ann Arbor loving this Le Bon Macaron. It was a great experience in the restaurant/cafe, but in the neighborhood there was a lot of racism and I certainly encountered it with the patrons nearby in ways that I didn’t like when I was there as a student and I certainly didn’t like now in modern times as an alum. Ann Arbor has grown and is a great town. It doesn’t need racism. It was once an affirmative action location and I’m hoping that doesn’t mean that with that executive power gone that racism is still around. I would think something like accepting the history of the country would be important and mature. There was racism. People were bussed in and folks had to be escorted around to go to school. I don’t see the problem with Affirmative Action. I see a problem with only seeing color with melanin. There is diversity in ‘pale faces’ and there is much discrimination there such as white on white crime. I don’t want to hear that it’s ‘white against black’ when most white folk have red hair or are of other mixed tribal races like other folks. Racism is always someone’s great grandma and hardly ever the actual individual there meaning it’s an inherited behavior.

Part II

I’m not into stuff of racism or anything dealing with hate. I am always true to myself if possible. It’s very difficult being me at this time when there are many people hiding and trying to be other. I’m in the business now of doing freelance writing, photography, and also design after having left the Air Force after 17+ years. It’s a great time, but I find that I must leave a lot behind because the world is much different than the Air Force. Things such as harassment and racism and sexism are Zero Tolerance and it’s difficult to see in society that there is a tolerance for such. I have many items that I’ve experienced after leaving the Air Force that’s a result of racism and much has been done to write letters and get things to the OIG of the VA. I think it’s really important where possible to inform and raise awareness.

At any rate if you go to Ann Arbor do try the cafe. I really loved it. If you experience racism or hate around then get the police and also file letters. Don’t be afraid to speak up, but do be concerned if you see that violence is coming. Some people just don’t know any better and some people should not be seen or heard in public.

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