Origin Red Rocks

Denver Colorado is where I’ve been held up for the past month almost waiting for my car to be repaired; it happened that on my way returning to California that my car should break down. It was awful. Luckily I happened to have seen a hotel on my way and I was able to get towed to that location. I’ve been here ever since and that’s Origin Hotel.

It’s currently 2019 and they are very much open. I thought this was a great concept video to include as the grounds are very fresh and new. I love the space. It’s highly recommended for leisure and dining. I’ve eaten many times at their Nomad Restaurant (cantina style) on the grounds. The menu is amazing. I was speaking with their bar staff regarding micro brewed sodas and herbal derived beers such as ‘ginger beer’ and the amazing blackberry micro brewed soda they had and ran out of (I bought it that much). They are very much versed on cocktails and brews of all types (brewery is seemingly a huge past time in Denver) and the menu is very cool. I’ve had their breakfast burrito with their green chile and it’s AMAZING! I love their tacos as well. Try the salads and you’re on your way through an amazing well curated menu. I am a foodie and so I love trying menus. I’m a snob for all things micro brewed non-alcoholic beers such as ginger beers, sarsaparilla root, birch beers, and the like. This blackberry designed by Rocky Mountain Soda Company was ‘to die for’.

I was given a bottle of their ginger beer to try and I can’t wait. I was also slipped a bottle of pineapple Jarritos which I HAVE tried and that’s too yummy. These are some of the drinks you can have here. They go great with their Mahi Mahi taco and also with their salsa & chips. You could even do a morning brunch with the Jarritos and their breakfast burrito, but I’d recommend doing it without their salsa if you’re doing a soda with; it’s because you’ll have a clean palette when you eat it ‘straight’ otherwise get it as they advertise it….with this amazing green chile bowl salsa….it’s like an amazing ‘French dip’ never before experienced. I saw two patrons at the bar eating it around brunch time and I totally asked about it and ordered it. It’s always funny when the folks are eating and you ask about their meal then you know you’ve got a winner. That thing was amazing!! I can’t wait to have again.

I’ve been here at Origin for almost 3 weeks and it’s been great. I can’t wait to get my car repaired and see a bit more of Denver before I head. I’d totally move here. There’s an apothecary I’m hoping to see before I leave. I had the occasion to have to go visit the urgent/emergency care while here for a problem with my arm. I had a bad reaction while in Detroit at the emergency room there. I had too many tries to draw blood and/or establish an intravenous needle. I think I might be allergic. I felt very ill afterwards and that arm happened to have puffed up and is now swollen. It’s very scary to have happened. I hope it’ll go down. I’ve been drinking hot water and also bottled water as well as doing hot steam wraps with towels. Ugh. Pray for me. I’m hoping to go to the local VA hospital in Aurora soon to follow up. I’m a ‘traveling veteran’ and trying out the new program that has been rolled out for traveling veterans. I think it’s an awesome idea, but has many kinks to work out. I’ll likely do a piece on it and tell you more. At any rate if you get a chance to come to Denver try the hotel, try the restaurant and try the little restaurants and shops nearby. I’ve only been to Launch which has an AWESOME olive/fig/nut platter which they’ll allow an add of hummus. That IS a yummy concoction there. It’s very much lovely and they have a cool selection of beverages. Like Izze which I love. Kum & Go a local gas station is really cool for quick grabs like pizza. Their pizza is WORTHWHILE especially the pepperoni which I’ve had. They have great options like boiled eggs that are quick packaged yums to take on the go and their first aid section is well stocked. I was so happy to see a selection of tablets for pain. I can’t do ibuprophen as it’s too much for my stomach, but they had Bayer and also Tylenol and other options for allergies and such. If you go through there you can easily stock your car for emergencies.

Anyway I’m in a cool little niche of Denver if you get to make it out. Come over and try it. You’ll have a great time. Look them up as well.


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