Comikaze and a Crunchyroll

Today is the first day of the LA Comuc Con formerly known as Stan Lee’s Comikaze. It should be great the line yo us certainly tantalizing. I will be covering it likely with just my phone this time around to stretch the technology. I’m using a Motorola 7g and it’s most useful. I’m usually sporting my Nikkon Camera and a few lenses with my cellular. I was with the Samsung Galaxy 8 Note but that phone was too fragile and the warranty isn’t great so I had to get another phone. I decided instead of the Galaxy 10 Note to try a new phone and return to Samsung later.

The Comikaze promises to be totally fun and I’m hoping to make up from having missed the Crunchyroll in San Jose. I have an entire piece I’m writing about it post convention. It should be up in a couple of days.

Never before have I seen such hideous souls. I’m praying for kinder folks. It takes kindness to exist. Any fool can don a costume and say they are a hero but it takes true heart to be really that….costume or not. Excelsior! Love u Stan sorry u r gone.

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