Mile High Comics

Had the chance to go to Mile High Comics in Denver yesterday. They are totally a royal lineage in the realms of popular culture. I’ve been a fan forever and I couldn’t pass up the chance to go thru. I happened across it as I rode by in a taxi on the way to the local VA hospital. It was a surprise to see the mangled accordion Steel building with the oversized flags of comic book denizens fluttering around but it called me thru to a visit of course. It could not be missed! Often mentioned in ads in your popular comic books you could order your comic book gear thru the mail. It was very popular in the 80s and such before the advent of digital comics. You can of course still order from them but it must be mentioned the ritual of ordering thru the mail and waiting 4 to 6 weeks for delivery …. very much the times and something of an initiation ordering and running to the box to see if youd stuff came. These things build up a huge adoration for the location that stocked you and no matter how many years later the love remains. They after all hand picked your order and like a concierge know you well. Its customer service you cant beat and when you show up personally from wherever you originate to darken their doors with a personal visit, it’s always well worth it. Stumble by and drink heavily of their dust. Your latest buys await. They are too cool and I cant wait to go there again. Love you Mile High Comics thanks for all the memories.

19 October Mile High is sporting a Texas high roll em gaming event check it out.

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