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The Infinity Festival 2019

. …has horrible security at the gates that makes you feel unsafe and unprofessional is the theme as you cross their threshold. I do not like them. I’ve seen them before hacks for the masses. And we’re supposed to be in an environment where it’s professional. I could feel them “feeling me up”….of course they were black and isn’t that like black to be disrespectful to black women especially their age group ‘old and bitter’. Go through the checks ladies and of course that means also the men as they don’t discriminate with their disrespect.

Aside from that the day seems to be hopping inside at the main stage and also in the main hall where folks are talking and networking. There seems to be interesting panels but I am not sure what is the draw to attend. It seems to be a gamble with the topics. Looking at how technology is impacting these cross areas will be interesting. Especially if you get in to sit and listen.


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