Infinity Festival Hollywood’s 6-9 November 2019

I’m covering this amazing conference this weekend. I’ve already had a slammin’ interview with Intel and their Creative Immersive booth featuring new technology by Intel and #Intel Studios. I’ve spoken with Anna and also Jill: two of their representatives that might be caught this weekend at the Intel booth. I know Jill comes from their Executives; I believe her focus is in Production of Animation as well the development of new projects. I had a great chat with her talking about the future of streaming and film goers and the future of gaming and immersive environments. This led to the wondering about the training and education of such engineers that might come to these offices for jobs; are these mechanical or computer engineering graduates from top leading schools? Other types of schools? It’s a rich field for dynamic employment. It was clear industrial engineering was prominent. It was also clear new fields of engineering that might come forward to universities or academies were alluded to, in my mind, as a graduate of University of Michigan and a former mentor of Professional Engineers through UM Ann Arbor PTP (Professional s in Training Program) of which I was a graduate going on to become a NACME scholar as well as a PTP TA (Teacher Assistant) where I was a mentor to future engineers. Great technology awaits the future here. It was most illuminating. I brought up the Marvel’s Inhumans and their limited release to IMAX movie theaters prior to their enscouncement into ABC programming portfolio. I saw it and thought it rocked and I know my comic books. I couldn’t wait to see more from Marvel and also Primetime TV collaboration. Big screen to little screen how novel and enticing. Surely it will happen again. When I was younger I hated waiting for Marvel to hit big screen they had too many litigation issues over rights and fans suffered. Now it’s a Marvel Feast with Marvel Studios and Disney joining forces. Movies coming at every turn. I’m sure Gen X is geeked. This is how Generation X thinks cause they are the ones in power in the offices. We are the ones that loved comic book and are now making our dreams big screen dreams.

I think this is the future of entertainment to get out see something on the big screen and follow on small screen. But why not revisit big screen again throughout series run? After 3 seasons let’s see the brand/directors get it out on the big screen again with small movie shorts on season summaries and panel reviews. Something of awards if applicable and something from the ABC Editors talking ABC programming and where Inhumans features in future Fall lineups. Answer gossip stuff and their own hopes and fears putting faces on producers and executive s of the network. I think this is where TV or fandom can become immersive bridging gaps from conventions and fan clubs; bringing together a marriage of programming and viewership that helps to substantiate evening award shows for example and press coverage throughout the year. How are my tax dollars hitting this sector if at all? Shouldn’t it? Don’t I get a say even here?

Intel Studios is worth following and they have future projects such as Queer Skins coming up so hashtag that and see how it develops to release. Talking about pros and cons of DVR technology and theaters viewers and the consistency of programming and technology to ensure quality viewer experiences was awesome. I think we will be greatly entertained with the potential for where we might go so we don’t get stovepipes in entertainment and industries developing animation, film technology, home viewing technology and gaming technology to include adjuncts in the fields of education where we are getting graduates and hopefuls. The future genius doesn’t end with me or even the next generations as it was clear our conversation exposed the future locking in of future minds and dollars to these highly advanced investigations into fields of computers, people, engineering, film, and the marriage of these industries.

If you have time check out this festival. It’s rolling out all weekend in Hollywood and Goya Studios on Cahuenga Blvd. Great times await. See if you can get to Intels booth. It’s hopping with chatters and demos. I’ll catch you up on my review of their demo tech. See ya!

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