Museum Instead

I was grateful to try my hand and receive comp tickets to the Dessert Goals Lineup happening near the Evolution Project located on Blake. I drove by and it didn’t look like the best place to go. It was located deep in a neighborhood and inside a small building that folks standing outside. I decided to not go. My time slot was for later today but I thought it best to check it out early as I was ill yesterday. I had another event somewhere that seemed like a similar venue. It turned out to not be good at all. So I didn’t want to chance it. I drove over to the Simon Norton Museum to attend their latest visiting exhibit on the Belle Epoch and was eternally grateful. One must be careful sometimes when it comes to going to venues especially as a single girl even if I am doing press. I don’t want to paint it scary but if it’s not in a public location that looks accessible then you have to go with your gut.

Get here if you can it’s a great exhibition.

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